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I'm new please read I need some advice

Hi everyone I'm 33 and the past 2 months Iv been un well, Iv been really fatigue, pressure in my eyes, nausea, wight loss but still am eating, my hands arms get pins and needles and feel like there dead, Iv had some really wired symptoms my teeth hurt, back chest pressure get hot cold sweat the shakes, headaches. U name it Iv had it, Iv been to hospital thinking I'm having a hear attack all test came back fine Iv had blood test witch showed I had low iron low blood pressure low vitamin d and my white blood cells were up that's was about a month ago Iv had my thyroid test they say it up the high end but I'm the bracket range, I'm on my fourth bottle of iron I do feel somewhat better but not 100% I get very tired by about three in avo I go for another blood test in four weeks time too see where my thyroid at. Just wondering if any of u lady's have had thyroid problems and how long did it take for them to Diogenes you it's really making me depressed 😘

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Hi I'm so sorry to hear you're down and not well, I have u detective thyroid I've been in thyroxine since my mum died and it's years I'm now in 250 mg per day 2x100 1x50 it took them 9 weeks to get all the tests sorted they went through everything else first

I have u deractive thyroid sounds like you may have over active my sister in law had this and suffered a lot of the symptoms you're having as well

I see you mention low iron well before I started these depo prostrap injections last November for horrendous periods (read my other posts)

You will see from them I had shakes tired crying happy pains aches illness after illness and severe severe cramp even if I sat in the toilet in the night and moved my leg a small way the cramps were horrendous even laughing with friends if I moved or laughed a certain way I'd be rolled over with tummy spasms/cramps etc for 30-40 mins in agony then they would stop and I'd be fine for half hour

I do t mean period pain cramps I mean proper Baltic muscle cramps



Arms neck sore eyes aching all over feeling drained and unwell I was in caper verde and my friend actually thought the sun would do me good omg! I slept for 10 days out of the 2 weeks and she thought I was dying

Turned out I was that low on iron in another hour I'd have been admitted and had blood transfusions not good ..... so yes maybe ask for thyroid check as the symptoms are similar and also try the iron tabs 3 x a day and maybe have this injection for 6 months plus and see if it helps as as soon as I stopped the bleeding I feel fantastic again and loosing weight with the injection as well some say they put it on I'm loosing it as feel better doing more things etc swimming wow!!! Forgot what it was like to be in water hahaha

Please go get checked again ask for a second opinion also google tells you a lot it can be confusing but also this site and there pages and the fantastic people on here all have been and have friends and no people who have had what you and me and others have had

And we feel like we're dying and going mad but once we open up and actually talk to someone on here wrote it down tell someone the weight lifts and we start to feel a little better.... it really does help

If I can help any further let me know and keep me informed and all of us how you get on ok. Take care and good luck with everything xx


Thanks so much Iv been on a roller coasters, i get more test done in four weeks to see if my thyroid has changed and I'm on my fourth bottle of iron the last test showed it was still low but not as low as it was so the doc said keep taking it three times a day and they will test it again when I get my thyroid done if it's still at the same leave I'll have to have the injection anything to get better thanks so much you have made me feel so much better sorry to hear u had so much trouble as well I will keep u posted much love xx

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Take care I would maybe take 2 of 3 times a day for a week or 2 tbh can give you the runs sorry🤦‍♀️A little

as iron that's not needed will just come out if you get my drift but it will help

Also drink plenty of water

Never take iron with any hot drinks or within hour of

and eat bananas as well there great for cramps and the potassium helps xx

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Post your results on the thyroiduk forum for advice, doctors are not good at interpreting thyroid results so although they say you are in range you may well be needing treatment. You also need your B12 , Vitd and calcium tested, and get a copy of all your results.


Thanks I will do I go back again in a few weeks to see we're it's at if there is no change I'll be telling them I need treatment they said my b12 was fine they didn't say anything about my calcium but I'll get right onto my results and post in the forum, Iv seen two doc now and both just keep saying it's in range I know there is something wrong with me but they seem to think it's in my head thanks for the advice


Thyroid problems are very poorly treated, doctors know very little about diagnosing and treating as you will see on thyroiduk.


Looking at it now

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Firstly, when you have your thyroid next checked, make sure it's as early as possible and do not eat before the test. Only water if you have to drink. Thyroid tsh level is at its highest in the morning and lowers during the day and after eating. I have been like you for the last few years. Constantly going back and forth to the doctors with different things wrong.....from the extreme tiredness to feeling like I have a weight holding my arms down, constant headaches, hair loss, scanty periods, acne, aches and pains, memory problems and so on. The list is endless. I had my thyroid tested and it was in range.....back and forth to doctors again and again. Next thyroid test was out of range but they had no concerns. (I didn't know that thyroid had to be tested early with no food at this point). I started looking into thyroid problems on every internet site I could find. Three month later I demanded another thyroid test. It was done at 4pm so came back within range. :-(. After weeks of more searching I decided to to pay for a private test. Did it at 8am after getting up. 3 days later I had the results. (Private also test Antibodies, which doctors don't). It was the best decision I made. My thyroid Tsh level was high, my antibodies were 633.000 times what they should be. I took these to the doctors the following day and they immediately put me on medication. I'm waiting for a specialist appointment and it's only been a week since starting the tablets. I don't feel any better and could take months, but if I hadn't researched and paid privately I'd still be being fobbed off by doctors who don't know what they are doing. Having antibodies mean I have Hasimotos and this will destroy my thyroid. Keep pushing the doctors for more tests, doesn't matter how much you get on their nerves or how angry they get with you. If they don't listen, please go to another doctor or if you can afford it, pay for the test and then show it to your Gp


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