Menopause - hot flushes every day

For the last few years I have had hot flushes every few months. Since January I have had at least 4 during the day and 2 at night. Being woken up twice a night is beginning to take its tolls and starting to feel so tired.

Is this normal for hot flushes to go from very occasionally to every day and night?. I had a hysterectomy 8 years ago but they left my ovaries in situ. I am 52. Any advice will help.

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  • I don't no if it's normal or not but I am suffering with really bad hot flushes and they also make me sweat so bad I get soaking wet . I can't help with any advice sorry because what ever I've tried doesn't seem to help. All I can say is that your not alone. Take care and I hope someone can give you some good advice x

  • I was suffering them really badly on and off for the past two years. I'm 53 now. What seems to be helping alittle for me is that I stopped drinking coffee and cafinated drinks. I will as I miss my black tea so much just drink that in the mornings. Nothing cafine after 12 mid day. I then go on to herbal teas, and water. If pushed I'd have a caffeine free coffee say if I was out with friends. I made the connection with the caffeine when a friend came to say and she drank for hot drinks just herbal teas. I joined her in them for that week and couldn't believe the difference with the flushes day and night. Hope this helps.

  • I never thought about the caffeine and hot drinks I'm going to give it a try. Thankful so much for the advice.

  • Me neither it was just perchance that my friend drank herbal teas! Wishing you all the best.

  • More water and exercise can help too.I know sometimes exercise is the last thing you want when you having hot sweats but try it.

    Feel you pain.🤗💕

  • I am 53 and the hot flushes have hit hard during the day and at night meaning I can't sleep. I tried Menopace and maca but neither worked for me. I gave in and have started on HRT - I have oestrogen gel each day and progesterone for 2 weeks. Within a week of using the gel the flushes have ceased. I am only at week 3 of this regime so I can't comment on long term effect......

  • I have about ten hot flushes a day minimum; along with palpitations, high anxiety; overweight; so fed up with it; don't want HRT but may have to consider it now.

  • Hi I found the sage tablets to be very good. I am 48 am happy to say the hot flushes are no longer an issue and everything has settled down and have come out the other side.

  • One thing I have found with hot flushes is that they come and go for periods - often more frequently when I am busy and stressed, I try to gently breathe and consciously relax when I feel one coming on which lessens the stress and makes it shorter (I think!). obviously wearing a cardigan and layers helps if one can discretely take off a layer. At night it is more difficult because you don't feel them coming on and the heat can build up into a big sweat, yeuch. I usually have cold feet in bed so I always dress warmly, I have started to use a light duvet and blanket combination so that I can throw one off if I need to cool down.

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