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Period symptoms in menopause

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Hi I’m 52 my last period was 18 months ago. I have the flushes but for the last week I have period pain and bloating constantly like I am due to have a period, however no bleeding? Is this normal part of the menopause?

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🤔 It’s possible that you’re coping with Post Menstrual Syndrome, it’s often misunderstood but your GP should be able to rule out any concerns.

Are any clinical treatments available?

Right now, there’s no specific treatment for post-menstrual syndrome.

A few clinical treatments exist to help relieve specific symptoms.

For example, cognitive behavioral therapy or antidepressant medication may be prescribed for depression.

Hormonal contraceptives that prevent ovulation can also help control moodTrusted Source and alleviate some pain.

A doctor will investigate whether an underlying condition, like PCOS, could be causing post-menstrual symptoms.

They can then recommend other medications and therapies based on this diagnosis.

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Thank you

I'd say yes as I am 50 and for the past two years I've been on off with all the symptoms of menopause been the doctors and yes I'm menopausal. I get hot clod flushes and aches and pain bloated and anxiety like no tomorrow. Headaches all sorts of things . You are not alone x

Hi unfortunately or fortunately l think it probably is normal. I have had all sorts. I'm 59 now. perimenopause at 57 so very late. Its 12 months since my last period now.I've had loads of trouble since 57 . It's the lack of estrogen that seems to cause all the trouble. Now l have prolaspe and difficulties having a bowel movement! How horrible is that and totally embarrassing! At 57 I had stomach ache and bloating plus convinced my period was arriving then nothing. I have feelings of blood rushing through my entire body alot and tingling in my fingers. I thought it was a heart attack first.

I shouldn't worry too much google the many symptoms theres at least 36 some very odd.

Expect loads of odd stuff from now on. Apparently it can go on for 10 years I'm told. It's that damn estrogen hormone messing you up well the lack of it.

All the best tell your doctor if you are really worried about things. They can take blood samples to check some things out ( I've had loads taken)

It's all very strange!

Thank you for all my replies it has really helped

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