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cant understand gp letter

i was ath hospital yesterday seeing a urologist (long story) and was given a flexible cystoscopy where he found what looked like villi inside my bladder and said it would require surgery to fix. for me he gave me a copy of the letter given to gp. firstly could not read it writing is shocking. i could make out wts flexible and dilation...... wts was the diagnosis but i cant find anything out what it means. anyone help me out here. tia

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normally consultants letters are dictated and typed then sent to the gp.can you contact the consultants medical secretary ?


dont know. im due at gp for flu jab thursday suppose i could ask then. never been given a copy ofthe gp letter before for myself thats new


i ve copies of my hospital notes and consultants writing undecipherable.i am asked if i want a copy of any letters,if they dont offer then i ask the nurses.


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