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How do you know??

Hi, just been to the doctor and I think I am in peri menopause. Does anyone know the 'normal' levels of LH and FSH? She almost made it sound like I was almost there, but not quite. Symptoms experienced make me think otherwise. But then I also have a host of other issues (SLE, depression/anxiety, stress, etc) so who knows. How do you know when you are in it for sure?? Thanks

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From what I have read the levels of hormones fluctuate so much that they are not a reliable indicator. The symptoms also vary and there is no set time they last for. It's quite frustrating when you're used to a ' medical ' approach which gives symptoms and treatment. This is more like a process of change, slow and individual. Rather than worrying if it has started or not if concentrate on ruling out any other problems, eg cancer and then focus on looking after yourself as much as possible. Basically I think, if you had regular periods before and now they are irregular that's probably the start of it. I've tried to let my expectations go and just be prepared for anything at any time and I'm less stressed about it.


I began my perimenopause about aged 31 and have had lots of medical prejudice about that. It's only recently been confirmed and I'm nearly 42 now. I think that you know your body but the other reply is very helpful as you need to make sure there's nothing else going on but Menopause can be coming along with some very strange symptoms and sometimes quite severe.

I even found out the other day that you can have hormonally related asthma which I have. I also have a suppressed immune system with it and a neurological disorder which I believe was brought on by it. Recommend a good book by Gillian Ford called Listening to your hormones. Very good. I had to study quite a lot over the years to understand what was going on (had little help from people) with my body and also through lots of prayer and research discovered answers and natural things that have helped me such as certain vitamins and minerals and natural HRT cream Menogest which has literally been a lifesaver. It might help somebody on here or if you know for sure you're in it then you could try it.

Through meno I developed total insomnia (complete nightmare, pardon the pun) and was trying this about anything carefully because so severe to see if it would help and this is the only thing that did which for me was part of understanding I was in the menopause.

The blood tests are largely inaccurate until you're actually right up on the Menopause. After several blood test only 1 of mine showed hormonal anomaly.

All the best with everything and keep in touch on here as I know lot of the groups have been extremely helpful to me (:


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