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Do I have normal boobs

Do I have normal boobs

Picture below (side view of my boob), I colored out my room just in case someone i know in real life sees this lol. So I’m 17, and my boobs are like cones. I wear a b cup because a cups are too small but I don’t fill in the cup entirely but if I wear an a cup I spill out. I’m hoping I grow out of it but what do you guys think? Is that a possibility? Cause my nipples freak me out and the cone shape makes it much worse. Don’t try to not hurt my feelings lol, I understand that they’re weird af

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You don’t have to worry about anything. There are some people that have the same problem. Have you seen your doctor about this issue?


I have not. I have a gyno app for a uterine issue I’m having but I wasn’t sure if I should ask. I honestly don’t want to show her cause I’m embarrassed lol. I’m just hoping I’ll grow out of this when I’m finished with puberty entirely. :(

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Ask your doctor and it’s going to be okay. My doctor always has questions for me when I go for the appointment once a year.


Give it time they will sag,,, when young breasts are pert, (to use an old-fashioned phrase)

Bra styles to vary, get round the shops to find what suits you, the comfy soft style might do better, as they rely on elasticated material to get a fit.


Try not to be too concerned.

many older women would envy you having such breasts.

bra wise. M n S used to do a range called 'angels'.

your breasts will change continuously through your life.

This days if women really want to, they have the opportunity to have private cosmetic surgery. but give it time.

ive worked as a breastfeeding consultant, and you will feed wonderfully with your boobs. R


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