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What physical activity you enjoy?

Share with the community the types of physical activity you prefer and any fitness routine that works for your life style and why. Even if you don't exercise regularly, share what you have done in the past and what you would like to start doing more regularly.

I enjoy running. I think it works the parts of my body that need the most attention. I put some nice party music that cheers me up and my mind travels away. I find that the first 20 minutes are a real struggle and all I want is to go home. But, after that phase I feel like I was just warming up and I could run much more - must be the endorphin!

The only negative side I see is the possibility of one day getting run over by a car. For this reason, I thought about and tried not listening to music, but those first 20 min are unbearable...I can hear myself breathing and I really don't sound awesome :-S

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Hi, I regularly go to aqua fit in a hydro pool which i love. I feel i move better in water & enjoy the workout with the friends I've made.

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I cannot run but I really enjoyed swimming, I used to go every week. I use my excercise bike often. I also loved going to the gym, using weights and the stepper was my favorite. I link arms with my hubby now or whoever I know, just to walk, I'm a bit wobbly now, no balance & no coordination but we go walking a lot.



I started cycling back in 2009 to lose weight. It's very hilly where I live and I didn't buy the best bike. Then in 2010 I lost quite a lot of weight dieting and also carried on with the cycling. I bought a better bike, but still not good enough for getting up all the hills around where I live but I carried on with it. Then my husband got a road bike, so I tried it. Wow - what a difference, so much easier, so I pinched it. In 2012 I cycled just short of 1,000 miles in that year. Over a year I suppose it's not that far to a keen cyclist but I never imagined I would ever ride that far ever, let alone in a year.

I like cycling because I can incorporate it into shopping trips, errands, trips that I would otherwise have made by car I can use my bike for instead. If we go on holiday in this country we take out bikes with us. When I first started out I used a bike computer to log miles and then used to input the data onto a cycling website where I could keep a log. For the last 18 months or so I use a phone app - either map my ride or Strava, keeping logs and setting targets keeps me motivated and thanks to all that cycling I more or less eat what I want without putting weight on.


Long power walks and Barre (pilates class that incorporates a lot of great leg toning and shaping). The combo is my favorite.


Olympic weightlifting :)

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I know that many people get pleasure from running. I used to running, too. However, for myself I prefer yoga. It is calmer. It is physical activity, but also it is full of harmony.

I like to take yoga instead of charging in the morning and evening. In addition, it is also good for breathing. After yoga exercises, I often feel a mind is clear.

You can do yoga in the morning for 20 minutes and it will be enough for good feeling during a day.


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