do i have food poisoning ?

hi . im 15 . at my school we have a salad bar and i got a salad today and one of the topings i grabbed was a cut in half boiled egg . the outside was white and the inside had light yellow yolk . it looked perfectly fine . but when i took a bite of it , it tasted awful . i can't explain the taste but it tasted very rotten . i then smelled it & it smelled very bitter . it's been almost 5 hours since i ate it & i haven't had any symptoms . but im wondering if i could have gotten food poisoning from that ?

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  • I think it's unlikely because you spat it out. I'd expect symptoms by now too - a couple of hours is usual.

  • i didn't spit it out . i swallowed it :(

  • I still think you'd have symptoms by now, so wouldn't worry... it's just one of those waiting game things.

    I'm not an egg eater, so have no idea how to tell off-eggs, but someone at my work boils eggs in the microwave, and I think they smell really off when they do that - might just be that?

    Always a good idea to keep hydrated if you do think you're at risk.

  • it's been 24 hours since i ate it and im now starting to have cramps . i do have ibs, which usually causes cramps . so im not such if that's what's causing it this time

  • When can you make an appointment with your doctor?

  • I don't know that a dr would be able to help unless there are symptoms; sickness, diarrhoea etc. I imagine they would tell you to just wait until it passes and drink lots of fluids, or take rehydration salts. I don't think there is a preventative for food poisoning (except good food hygiene).

  • Sorry, I didn't see your question yesterday. IBS is also exacerbated by stress, so it might be you are bringing it on by worrying so much about this.

    I've eaten things I've worried were iffy before, but you just have to wait and hope for the best. Usually the instant it hits your stomach/colon, your system will try to get it out as quickly as possible. When I had food poisoning, it hit 2 or 3 hours after the meal, and I was violently sick for the rest of the night.

  • yeah . at the moment , my stomach feels uncomfortable and bloated and a little nauseous here and there . i haven't thrown up yet & i have a major fear or vomiting , so im just hoping for the best

  • Have you called or seen the doctor about this?

  • no

  • hii...elise_02

    Sometime, Its normal to feeling pain in the stomach after eating something. But it may be serious if you feel the same way again and again. If you feel this way for today only then the food must be stale because food poisoning is basically Foodborne illness, is the result of consumption of contaminated food, toxic or spoiled food.

    Firstly, You must be aware of the symptoms of food poisoning, then diagnose according:

    Mild fever, appetite loss, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, weakness, nausea and headache. If you seen any of the symptoms after eating your food, then this must be the matter of concern. You should call a doctor as soon as possible. If not, there don't worry, you will fine by your own.

    Good Luck.

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