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Ovarian Cysts & Bladder Urachal Remnant/Lesion

I had a Cystoscopy (camera inside bladder) in March 2015 to check for bladder lesions because of microscopic hematuria (microscopic blood in urine). The procedure didn't cause any pain during or afterwards -The Urologist applied a Anesthetic Gel to numb the urethra . I also had a CT scan with contrast dye (a few week's before the Cystoscopy , February 2015 ) which was also painless and showed negative/Nil results in the bladder but coincidently showed three cysts as mentioned below in my pelvic area... so luckily I had the Cystscopy.

I had surgery to remove a 3x3cm cyst from my pelvic area and a 5x5cm cyst on the outside of my Left ovary and a lesion from the inside of my bladder. (There was also a small cyst inside my left ovary ).

The Gynaecologist Oncologist & Urologist coordinated both surgeries at the same time - as requested by myself as I didn't want to have two separate surgery dates and be anaesthetised twice.

I had a laporascopic L Salpingo-Oophrectomy (removal of left ovary and fallopian tube), Contralateral Salpingectomy , (the opposite side -removal of fallopian tube ), D&C Bladder Dome/Urachus Excision (removal of bladder lesion). I had a routine urethal catheter to help in the healing of the bladder excision.

Five day's post op I experienced signs of a UTI - slight pain & blood in urine. A MSU was done which showed a UTI. I was prescribed a mild antibiotic form local GP which relieved the symptoms.

On the sixth day post op I had cramping three time - each time for only about a minute, near my navel and pelvic area too.

I had a routine postoperative bladder Cystogram a week after bladder surgery to test for leakage.

During a few minute's into the cystogram I was in excruciating pain, scale 11/10 - cramps in my lower abdomen which travelled to my upper abdomen. A leak was demonstrated/found . The radiologist said that the dye had travelled through a tiny hole on the bladder and peritoneum lining excision and into the abdominal cavity and that was causing the pain.

I was given a high dose injection for pain relief and readmitted to hospital.

The "Marker' levels showed that there was inflammation (an infection) and urine test confirmed a UTI . The UTI most likely caused the hole in the excision of the bladder and peritoneum lining and then caused the dye to leak into the abdominal cavity during the Cystogram.

My urologist prescribed intravenous antibiotics 3 times a day for 8 day's. After 8 days I was discharged and prescribed high dose antibiotics for 3 week's. I have the catheter after 4 1/2 weeks and another Bladder Cystogram is scheduled in another week. If no leakage is found then the catheter is removed and a routine Trial and Void testing is done (3x passing urine with a minimal residue amount of urine , which is done with ultrasound.)

Note - All 5 biopsies (one also taken from the uterus} were all benign, I'm extremely lucky! I have family history of bladder cancer too.

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Hi girltalk :-)

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. To have this happen after everything

went well must have been awful.

I've had explorations myself leading to excrutiating pain afterwards.

Just last year I had chemo, on the very first session the chemo leaked into the

tissue of my wrist and the session was abruptly halted. I had an antidote given

the same day and again over the following 2 days. Then the area was scrubbed

out by a plastic surgeon, this happened last September, the wrist has healed but

is still tender.

I'm sure you must have found your experience traumatic, I know I did.

I'm glad to hear your biopsies were benign, and hope you make a good recovery.

Best wishes :-) xB


Thank you Wobblybee for your reply. I'm glad your wrist has healed and hope the tenderness eventually diminishes :)

The incidence did make me quite anxious at the time - worrying as to whether the UTI infection would spread into my stomach cavity and further ... hence the high dose antibiotics intravenously- & then dealing with a catheter for 6 week's when initially it would have been only one week. ( But I wasn't too concerned regarding the catheter as I was relieved that all 5 biopsies were benign:)

I have an appt. for a second Bladder Cystogram next week so finger's crossed that the bladder excision has healed and there's no internal leakage so that I can have the catheter removed :) .... Apart from all that I'm recovering really well and have just begun I think may be my first hot flushes , which is no big deal :))

I hope your health is good now too after your chemotherapy treatment.



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