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Dull right back pain

Have had a pain in the right side of my back for over a year, first episode I had was a sharp stab in my right side that literally put me in an ambulance to the hospital. There they told me I had an uti, (I had no symptoms of a uti) they put me on meds and pain subsided. Came back about a month later this time just a dull pain, it would come and go for a few more months before the stabbing pain came back (this time my husband drove) there they told me I had kidney stones. Once again mess and pain subsided. I now live pretty much every day with this pain. I am not sure who to go to at this point. Oh I did go back to my regular dr and there they took X-rays of my back which showed a 10% scoliosis curve, said that could be causing my pain. I contacted a scoliosis specialist and they said that a curve that small would not be causing my issue. I've had bowl issues also. Can someone help. Thank you

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Have you had your thyroid levels checked out? Sometimes that causes that kind of pain, also bowel issues and yes scoliosis too


No never had my thyroid checked, didn't know that would be an option actually. Thanks I'll check into that.


What bowel issues have you had?


I've had gas and bile build up in my stomach, have been takin probiotics for about 3 weeks now for that. I wasn't able to have bowl movements for days at a time, I'm a bit more regular now though.

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Have you had kidney and bladder scans and CT ? If you have kidney stones they can be treated, your Gp should refer you to a urologist.


Well I had a scan over a year ago when they decided I had the uti. That's about the only scan I had other then stomach X-rays which showed my gas and bile build up.


Have you thought of trying acupuncture or perhaps a liver & kidney cleanse? I'm not a Dr. But I have found that sometimes Alternative Medicine can help with pain. Just a suggestion.


Not acupuncture, sounds interesting though, and I've looked into the cleanses but I'm not sure which one would be best. There's so many out there. I guess I should talk to my dr about what she thinks would be best.


I also have pain in the right side of my back. I too have scoliosis and my pelvis is twisted this also causes muscle spasms when I get upset. When I went through liver failure a Nutritionist helped with the cleanse, not my Dr. It was suggested to me that I had Liver Cancer but the pain only happens when I am tired from walking or standing all day. I don't have Cancer but I did go on a Low-sodium diet (less than 1500 grams of salt a day) to help repair possible damage in my Liver. I did that for 3 months, with the cleanse and acupuncture helped with the remaining pain which was minimal and only when I did too much that day.

Again, I am not a doctor I am only stating what works for me and my body.

I hope you find the answers you seek.

Stay safe❤😊


Sorry to heart ou went through liver failure. What type of cleanse did your nutritionist suggest for you. I am not a big salt person, but I do love snacks (crackers and such) I will look into acupuncture also. Thank you


My multiple organ (Liver & Kidneys), was due to my stupid decision to start drinking heavily when Biologic medications & Pain killer did nothing to help with the pain of my Rheumatoid arthritis.

The cleanse depends on where you get your vitamins and herbs. If you have a place that sells vitamins & natural foods, my suggestion is to speak with their nutritionist.

A Low sodium diet is harder than you think because salt is in everything to some degree and most people eat way too much salt and don't even know it.

I've got to get somethings done today before the weather changes.

I'll see if I can find some links on the web that may also help both you and your Doctor if you wish.

It is better to be proactive on whatever condition you may or may not have.

Enjoy your day, stay safe❤😊


Great thank you very much. Enjoy your day and be safe!


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