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Menopause Help

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JulesMSRestart June 2022
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Hi all

I have been struggling for months and months now to lose weight. I am doing everything right - eating healthy and well and masses of exercise especially high intensity. However, I am struggling to shifts the pounds. This, I am sure, is down to the menopause. I have a 'meno belly'!!

Has anyone got any suggestions - food/exercise, that will, eventually, help me lose the pounds!


9 Replies
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So I'm not making false assumptions, by healthy eating do you mean lower-fat versions?

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JulesMSRestart June 2022 in reply to StillConcerned

All sorts. Low carb, low fat etc etc.

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StillConcernedMaintainer in reply to JulesMS

It isn't feasible to eat low carb and low fat for the longer term, because that only leaves protein, which is unhealthy in large amounts because it should only be used for growth and maintenance; not metabolised, causing harmful side-products such as ammonia.

Essentially, hormones all share the same blood stream, and it is wise to control the ones you can to put less stress on those you have less control over. Foodwise, that means eating mostly natural fat (most nuts, olives, avocado...), which least impacts digestive hormones. The body uses about 130g of carbohydrate for the brain and central nervous system, with only slightly more for activity (the longer you can perform an activity, the more fat can be used as fuel).

Recovery and relaxation are important too, because stress also adversely affects hormones.

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StillConcernedMaintainer in reply to StillConcerned

Also, don't eat more than 2 or 3 times per day (including snacks), as each time we ingest it affects hormones.

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JulesMSRestart June 2022 in reply to StillConcerned

Yes I only eat 3 meals a day. I mainly eat meat/fish, vegetables, salad, wholemeal pitta, eggs, yoghurt. If I eat potatoes, pasta etc, that's usually at weekends!

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yes same here saved this post for any tips

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Lytham3 stone

Hi I feel your pain, i'm menopausal too, low carb helps me.

Would you like to join us on our Christmas challenge? Here is the link, hope to see you there hun x

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I am through the menopause now but some of the problems remain... I do 2 meals a day and close the kitchen at 6 pm. I don't have snacks. And I try to walk at least 6 miles a day. (Inside if it's wet does just as well) I went Alcohol Free at the first lock down and I've now lost almost 2 st. I just found something that works for me and have stuck with it. Hope that helps. 💞 Forgot to say I do full fat but low carb. Never feel hungry. Reading low fat labels made me wary of their sugar content. 🤣

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HazelP176 stone

I found this podcast from Dr. Rangan Chatterjee very interesting especially when they talk about the energy budget and exercises.

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