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Weight loss surgery

Hi has anybody had weight loss surgery to help with pcos symptoms not just to lose weight I’m at a dead end with weight and I’m so down with it but I’ve read that it can help other symptoms

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How much weight do you need to lose?

Look at theanswertopcos diet as two ladies that did it with me lost 7 stone each in a year (and both conceived naturally as they were trying to conceive), I lost three stone and have pretty much maintained it for the last 10 years.

In my view surgery does have its issues and I know a lot of ladies who have had complications (gastric band/bypass) but it does work well for some. Often the symptoms reduce when you lose weight but they dont always, it is not a miracle cure for everyone.

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About 7 stone I would say


I think you need a diet that suits you and one where you consistently lose weight as it keeps the motivation going as it is difficult to keep motivated as for me if I didnt lose weight even though I had tried I would binge eat, it was like a vicious circle!

Lots of ladies like slimming world too so I would try down the weight loss route first, it is possible to lose weight, just takes a bit longer!


Doctors have given me orlistat never worked I’ve done slimming world excercise been referred to dietician didn’t work I’m stuck and then next point is weight loss surgery


Hi Rjt7

It's really non of my business, but my thoughts on surgery is that once you have done it you can be stuck on a very small portion diet which must be quite depressing & limiting. So you might as well just do that anyway! Of course that's not really that easy in reality!

What if something went wrong?

I have just changed my diet and it seems to have sorted me out?!

For a month I eat lots of vegetables & lean meat, cut out gulen, milk and carbs, also alcohol. I have lost of Quinoa and buckwheat mixed up in a stir-fry/stew type type of thing with spices. I cook in extra virgin olive oil. There is a lot of things that may help with testosterone & insulin, I can't remember which one is which but things like turmeric & fenugreek, cinnamon is good too apparently. A Mediterranean diet.

Jerusalem artichokes are sposed to be good for gut health.

My weight has seemed to stabilised at 9 stone even though I am having treats again, and I can't understand it! Unless there was a problem with my gut health? Xx

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It’s just so hard I feel I shouldn’t have to live my life on a diet that’s what frustrates me the most and a lot of things you should eat I don’t like I’m very fussy and littleraly like simple foods no spices etc


Oh dear,

l am the opposite, l love everything, which can be a nightmare too, especially when all your friends can get away with it! Lol!

Have you tried cutting portion size? I've been trying to control my weight for years! And I can't keep to diet plans. Have you seen how to lose weight well?

There might be some inspiration there? I agree it is really difficult.

The trouble with surgery, is l wouldn't fancy perade food

For the rest of my life. And being fat gets on my tits too, bloody nightmare. Xx


Haha yes driving me crazy it is I’ll try portion control


Mine & my husband's mum used to dish up huge portions so I had to ask them for less! Lol

On that program they said about the size of your fist, and get smaller plates, I use an old one from my nans. Xx

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Portion size is often it - I think I was eating 5 times the amount of pasta/rice I should have and actually I don't really eat it much as I still struggle to not eat too much!! I think when you look at the right portion size you realise why you are overweight - everything seems to be large portions and you don't really realise it as you have been eating that portion size for years.


Your stumach stretched and you don't realise, I used to have two slices of bread, two burgers or whatever besides veg & potatoes.

For tea all the time back in the day! Lolx

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I definitley think it’s portion size with me because I genuinely don’t eat that much but when I do boom like I’ve never eaten xx

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I can totally understand what you are saying I love my food too, particularly all the wrong types :-) these are the ones which are the hardest to get under control. I have thought about weight loss surgery but to be honest I have railed against it every time.

This isn't about living your life on a diet though, but changing your lifestyle.

I was diagnosed with PCOS over 15 years ago and like many others have suffered with weight issues all my life (at one point I was overweight by more than 10 stone). I now also suffer with IBS as well, which has its own added problems.

By removing : gluten, sugar (all of them) and lactose, I have managed to get my weight under control. It has taken some effort, but the rewards have been worth it. It is now something I do not even think about.

My family are also included in this lifestyle change and they are benefiting from it too. I allow them to have their treats. I just make my own, like my own home made biscuits (gluten, lactose and sugar free) - the only problem is they like them too, which means I end up sharing them anyway, which is always good as it shares the carbs around the whole family.

You do not need to add spices or eat anything you do not like. You will need to change some of the basic ingredients.

E.g. my daughter loves Beef Lasagne and so do I, so with a little bit of a tweak of the ingredients I have now made this recipe so I can enjoy it too and she doesn't notice any difference in the flavour.

If you really want to do something you can, it isn't really that difficult.

Good luck with your journey I hope you succeed.


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