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Hey ladies,

So I was DX with PCOS around 18 months/2 years ago but suspect I've had it a good few years just that being on the pill masked the symptoms.

Around a year or so ago I started spotting between periods. Sometimes it would be around the time I should be ovulating, other times the day before my period properly started which is fine. Changes can happen.

My concern is my latest cycle. I'm currently on day 63 and still no period. What I have been getting is some intermittent spotting. Started last Monday and happened once a day for about 3 days then stopped. Then once more Friday night. Nothing since. It is literally just a bright red streak when I wipe and nothing more.

I have all the feelings like I'm about to get my period. The soreness/heavy feeling, the back ache, spots and a bit of a belly ache which is normal for me just before bleeding starts. But nothing.

My main concern is Cervical cancer but my last smear was January 2017 and was completely clear.

Is this just another crappy symptom of PCOS?

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The most current research found you're born with PCOS.

Yeah, this is pretty common as far as I've found, especially if you have been taking pills. Just to be on the safe side I would get a pregnancy test to rule that out if this is the first time you've skipped so long.


I've been off the pill for around 5 years so its not a new thing which worries me more. 100% definitely not pregnant! lol. Unless I'm carying gods next Holy child ahah


Well, unless you just mean you haven't been sexually active, if you aren't taking contraceptives, it's still a risk even for people with PCOS.

Otherwise yes, it's pretty normal to skip periods, especially if there's been some weight gain recently as that can further the hormone imbalance.

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Have you put on or lost any weight as this can impact pcos and make the symptoms worse, so can stress. You must make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus clear.

The combined pill does mask the symptoms and generally it is what endocrinologists recommend, it also increases your chances of conceiving quicker when you come off it.

I have been on and off the pill for 25+ years and generally my pcos doesn't cause that many issues for me because the symptoms are masked.


I have put some weight on...about 7-9lbs in about 6 weeks. But my weight is always up and down and I've never experienced this. I've now started having a brown discharge since I woke up this morning. Never ever been like this before and it's just panicked me.


The weight can trigger it to start playing up - it is very fickle. I would leave it a bit longer and if it still concerns you then go and see your GP.

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