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Gaps between periods getting longer


Hi there, I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years ago, after having irregular periods since they started when I was 12 (I am now 37). I am fortunate in that I think I must have it mildly as I don't get a lot of the common symptoms...and although my cycle is irregular, (anything from 35 to about 60 days) I am still obviously ovulating...but I am currently on day 67 since my last period and still no sign. I have had PMT symptoms for the last 2 weeks (sore breasts, moody, emotional, fatigue, bloated) so it feels like it is imminent and I'm sure it will happen in the next few days (I am not pregnant!). But two periods ago the gap in between was 63 days, and the last was 37 (but was the most painful period I have ever experienced!)...the longer gaps seem to be getting more frequent, and the painful periods I used to have every now and then are getting more frequent too...I'm wondering if it's just my age?! Does anyone have any advice as to whether it's worth mentioning this to the doctor? So far she has only said that I can go on the pill to regulate me, and about help they can give if/when I decide I want children (and if I do, do it sooner rather than later as my PCOS and age are against me!). Thank you in advance :)

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A period doesn't mean you are ovulating though so may be worth charting your temperature to see if you are as it is the only accurate way. I know of ladies that conceived without a period so didn't have a clue when they conceived!!

The one advantage with pcos is our egg quality remains better for longer, I conceived Noah when I was 36. Have you found a partner (as that is the most tricky bit nowadays) or are you considering alternative ways of conceiving?

What is your family history of menopause do you know as generally you tend to follow your family history as that could be what has changed your cycle, the other thing that can do it is stress, weight, diet and basically becoming more pcos too. The one advantage of going on the pill is that when you come off it you have a greater chance of conceiving quicker because your body is less pcos.

shaznay in reply to Hols969

Many thanks for your helpful response, Hols969.

I had assumed I was ovulating...I have been tracking a variety of symptoms over the last 2-3 years, and about 14 days before I get my period I get a certain kind of discharge for a day or when that happens I know that I will get my period in a couple of weeks (this happens every time, with the exception of this one!). I will chart my temperature too though, thank you.

I haven't found the right partner and have basically been single since my early 20s, so that is a bit of a problem! I can't seem to work out if I want children, I'm very mixed about it all, but also aware of my biological clock ticking...I turn 38 next month. I have considered doing it solo, but I don't think that I could mentally, physically or financially.

My Mum and maternal grandmother went through the menopause at the 'normal' time, although I believe both suffered from (undiagnosed) issues relating to hormones. And my sister has terrible issues every month with PMDD, so it definitely runs in our family!

My stress levels, weight and diet are much the same as they always are, so perhaps I am just becoming more PCOS.

Thank you for the information about the pill, and it's encouraging to know about our egg quality too :)

Hols969 in reply to shaznay

That is good and sounds like you know what to look for regarding ovulation so does sound positive.

Just from a personal point of view I was sort of the same as wasn't sure if I wanted children, was always told I wouldn't be able to have them because of the pcos. Anyway I sort of thought if I hadn't tried to conceive then I may well regret it in future years so we did try, took 3 years but I have to say Noah is the best thing ever (he is 11 now) and the love you feel for your child is like no other but saying that I couldn't do the fertility thing again as it was hell so we only have Noah. In my opinion he is the perfect child as he is handsome, kind and extremely laid back and relaxed about life (but we are too), and he has the best things from both of us (he was born with a full set of pubes so he will definitely be a carrier of pcos which they believe my husband is too, as not ovary related so very misleading name).

It is so difficult nowadays meeting Mr Right so I am not surprised you haven't met the right man, I agree about being single and doing it (yes lots of ladies can do it) and if you know yourself you know if you could do it, I do think when push comes to shove you actually can achieve far more than you think. We had always said we would not be able to cope with a 'special' child, so you do have to trust your own feelings and judgement. Also its not like you can meet Mr Right tomorrow and say right lets have a child either so it is tricky. Your clock is only quietly ticking :-)

Good luck xx

shaznay in reply to Hols969

Thanks for the reply...I guess it's a personal choice whether to have children, and I certainly feel the 'social pressure' to have children, although none of my friends or family have ever made me feel bad about it. I am a believer in things happening if they are meant to, so I don't think I can have any regrets - if I don't, then it just wasn't meant to be/not part of my journey. It's upsetting when people comment that you are missing out on the best thing you'll ever experience, like you are somehow inadequate, but I try to just let it go. I am grateful for my freedom, independence, career, space, but if I meet the right person and it happens, then I will be grateful for that too :) Noah sounds like a wonderful boy :) Thank you for the reminder about trusting in your own judgement x

Hols969 in reply to shaznay

I was nagged for 15+ years of marriage about asking when we were going to have children, it was so irritating, everyone presumes you should want children but not everyone does and that is fine :-)


I'm the same my periods are getting further apart no idea why started about 43 days now at 60! I'm 33 ttc and off the coil about 9 months. I doubt it's an age thing. I've a referral cause we are ttc so may find out more when I see the docs. It is weird though.....nothing is consistent with pcos except the consistent unknown.

I also feel like a period is looming for 2-3 weeks before it actually appears. It is frustrating as I think when u start to feel it that must be when it should come but cause we don't work "normally" u have 2-3 weeks in limbo.....even my husband recognises the signs now.

Sorry I don't have answer just thought I would message to say your not alone xx

shaznay in reply to Ding_0202

Thank you for your reply's very much appreciated, especially since you are the first person who has described exactly what I go through with the PMT phase - I can absolutely relate to feeling like it's looming for 2-3 weeks, and have often thought 'have things got stuck somehow/somewhere?'. I hope your referral comes through soon and you can get some answers, and fingers crossed for some good news soon :) You're doing all the right things. You're so right, the only consistent thing about PCOS is its inconsistency!! Thank you, it's good to know I am not alone x

Ding_0202 in reply to shaznay

Your welcome. If your not ttc i would recommend the minera coil. I had that before ttc and it really "normalised" me xx

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