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Metformin 5 days Late

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Please can anyone help. I started Metformin on my last cycle (cycle day 2) i have a regular 26 day cycle and i was due 5 days ago.

I'm never late ever in my life and i have done several pregnancy as I'm TTC and all negative. I feel bit of pressure on my left pelvic and had on and off period pains but that's it.

Is Metformin doing something to my cycle? Should I stop taking it?

I went GP and they said I have PCOS so my periods are irregular. But I said clearly I have a regular period, she just said 'your period will come'

Please can anyone give me some advice on your cycles with metformin? Did you all have a regular period before taking metformin?

Also, do i continue to still have sex to try for baby if i don't know now when I'm ovulating or had a period?

This is so stressful please help me with your advice or opinions or experiences?

5 Replies
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I had regular 30 day periods before i was started on metformin but my luteal phase was very short (9-10days) ive been on metformin for 3 months, my cycles are still regular (every month) but can be anywhere from 28 - 33 days depending on when i ovulate (between day 16 - 21). I think the idea of it is to try and regulate your hormones a bit more.

Do you track your temps or do opks? That can sometimes give you a better idea where your body is in the month.

Test again tomorrow but if you’re a week late i would go back to your gp and insist they send you for a blood test or something xx

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Beepi in reply to Sunshine92

Hello thank you so much for replying.

As my cycle was 26 days my luteal phase was short as well by 8 to 10 days.

I have been temping and month before (when didn't take metformin) there was a temp rise and ovulated but very near to when my period was due.

This month it is all over the place and i cant really figure out what is going on with my temp.

I been using clear blue ovulation with strips and it showed a smiley on cd11 and we did DTD during my fertile window and this is the month which I started metformin.

Hopefully my body is adjusting to it, 1m on cycle day 31. Had my first scan on 3rd Jan and only told then that my left ovary has PCOS appearance and my dominant ovary is completly clear. Hence I'm now really confused :(

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For me I started metaformin around 5 months ago.

I previously had irregular periods and would not know when I will start my period.

Metaformin took 2 months to start my period.

Doctor prescribed me metaformin as I have pcos and I am TTC. But the metaformin Is to help me ovulate.

The latest period I had was only 5 weeks apart but usually I have no period for about 3 months so it seems to be doing something.

I have also changed my diet and exercise regularly and do not drink alcohol.

I would say keep continuing with your metaformin and ask your GP for advice so they are aware of your situation.

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Beepi in reply to greengreen

Thanks for your response.

I will continue to take it and just wait for my period to come.

If you don't mind me asking, how are you TTC? Are you still using OPK or temp? Or doing the every other day method?

Feel abit like now I don't know when to do it and try for baby as I am totally lost with my periods.

Thank you and wish you lots of baby dust x

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greengreen in reply to Beepi


I'm charting my temperature.

I tried ovulation sticks but I have read and researched that with pcos and hormone imbalance they can give false positives.

Also I am trying the every other day method.

I think I am doing all I can for now on that. And also trying to create healthy as possible eggs. So I am reading it starts with the egg.

And have read woman code.

Staying away from plastics store everything in glass containers.

No nail polish.

Changed my shower products so they are mild and not fragranced but have natural oil instead.

Stopped using air freshener.

Doing yoga.

Make all home cooked meals as much as I can.

Cut out white bread.

Currently working on changing my household products because of the toxins and how the effect the endocrine system. But this will take time.

There's lots of choices out there and things that can be changed butit is difficult to do everything. I've made these changes over the past 2 years introducing new things into my lifestyle. It does take time and effort but thinking of the end goal.

Some changes are easier to make than others.

Wishing you all the best on your journey.

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