Please help. PCOS, Pregnancy?

Hi all!

I have PCOS and about 5 weeks ago I started taking Metformin. I have normally have regular periods. However this month I am over a week late. I have been experiencing cramps on and off for over a week now and no period. However, sorry tmi but having a thick white discharge?! I have never experienced this before and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it is a cause for concern? Xx

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  • Are your periods on the dot time wise or a few days late? Are you trying for a baby currently? Did they test you for insulin resistance prior to putting you on metformin ?

  • Thanks for replying, they are normally always on time and never over a week late, which is strange. Yes I am insulin resistant. Me and my partner have planned to start trying, however I only stopped taking the pill a month ago after they started me on metformin?

  • Was it the combined pill - if so it can increase your chances of getting pregnant quicker as your body is less pcos. I would test, pregnancy and period symptoms can be quite common, also having a discharge could mean that you are pregnant. Good luck, let us know :-) but if you are not do not lose heart.

  • I was on cerelle, I didn't expect it to happen so quickly as I've read on forums it taking years

  • Nope that is not true, lots of ladies have got pregnant pretty quickly even though they have been told it wont happen!!

  • Well I did a clear blue test yesterday and there was a big thick line! Quite surprised

  • I had a lady contact me, when I was trustee at Verity, from the national abortion services clinic who said they had so many girls coming to them with pcos who had been told that they wouldn't get pregnant naturally and they did - your partner obviously has strong wrigglers too - congratulations.

    Period type cramps are quite normal (and feeling damp down below) and its not uncommon to bleed so don't think the worst if you get any of the above. Brilliant news

  • Congratulations xx

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