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I need help... First of all, I'm in the US, so I understand things are a little different. But my questions will pretty much be universal.

So, I went to my obgyn Monday and he ordered tests to check LH, FSH, and prolactin levels... basically, the LH:FSH ratio is a little over 3:1. I haven't had a period since May, so first of all i'm not positive how accurate that test may be. Levels were FSH around 7 and LH around 25. Now, he wants to put me on provera (progesterone supplement) in order to get a cycle going.. but he didn't even check my Progesterone levels. I don't want to start medicine that will raise something without knowing the level to begin with. The only other hormone that was checked was TSH (2.58) and prolactin (around 6). I'm not sure why he didn't check other hormones??

I don't know if I have PCOS or not.... i have some symptoms, but no diagnosis.

I guess my question should be...

1) Are LH and progesterone one and the same? Or is it something that is directly affected

2) Is it smart to wait on taking the provera?

3) Anyone knowledgeable about thyroid?

I also wasn't provided with any ranges for these hormones, and looked things up on the internet to get an "idea" of a range. They won't call me on the phone, but posted the results online for me to look at and I have been trying to email them back and forth.

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Hi there, here in the UK, PCOS is usually diagnosed by a combination of presenting with clinical symptoms (hirtuism, irregular or non existent periods, weight gain, insulin resistance, acne) and ultrasound of the ovaries. Blood tests can also be done to check hormone levels. Have you had an Ultrasound?

Do you have any other clinical symptoms other than irregular periods?


Thank you for the response, those are pretty typically the symptoms here in the US as well for diagnosis. After posting this, my doctor called and spoke with me. He definitely confirmed my hormones were imbalanced, and I am being referred over to a reproductive endocrinologist for further testing. I do not yet have an appt with them, as their office was closed yesterday when he called me back.

As far as symptoms, my blood sugar was fine which I know is typically raised, so insulin resistance in assuming is ok in my case. I have noticed increasing amounts of acne on my face in the recent months (nothing extreme but DEFINITELY more than I’m used to... I feel like something new pops up every day). And the. Hair growth is also not extreme, but definitely upper lip (have to shave it frequently) and I have a nice little line of hair going down from my belly button. Some around my nipple area, but again not extreme. So hard to tell if that’s “normal” hair or related to potential pcos. My weight is at a normal level; however last year I gained 15 pounds very quickly. I attributed it to being on antidepressants and came off of those and changed diet. Got some of that off but still not nearly like I used to be. My period have always been irregular since I started at age 13. I wish I would have tracked them but just always counted myself “lucky” I didn’t have to deal with them much. Now I know better and that that is not lucky at all!!! I also forgot to mention in 25, currently single, not TTC.

Hopefully my Endo can help and at least test the “male” hormones and give an ultrasound.


I'm from the US as well and how i got diagnosed was first my primary doctor did blood work, saw my testosterone levels were high, i got sent to a endocrinologist, that doctor examined me and saw my abnormal hair under my chin and stomach and with me telling her i i wasn't having any periods, she diagnosed me. I got a ultrasound done and i only had one small cyst on my left ovary. So doctors diagnose PCOS on 3 criteria: Abmormal periods, cysts on ovaries(not always there-they come and go), and abnormal hair on body.

*Acne is also one of the most early signs to having PCOS.

I would just change doctors. A female doctor will be more understanding i think.

Hope i helped. You can always talk to me if you need any advice!

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Yes I just started a new obgyn and I do like him. Especially since he took the time to personally call me and answer questions. He is referring me to a reproductive Endo, so hopefully we will get blood tests and work done!!

What region are you from?!

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That's good girl😊 as long as your happy and making your health your number 1 priority😜

I'm from Connecticut but live in South Carolina.


Awesome! Alabama over here!!

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