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PCOS - Norethisterone


Hi, I have PCOS and have not had a period in over a year. An endocrinologist prescribed me with Norethisterone which I took 3 times a day for 10 days. It has been 5 days since I finished the course of Norethisterone and no signs of any period. Is this normal?

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I would go see the doc I took that and got a period when it finished not instantly but by 5 days you prob should have had one. I would make an appt. As they might just tell u to take the 7 (think it was 7) day break and then start taking another 10 day dosage you just might need an extra boost. Def go see it doctor. U have to be annoying with pcos as I don't think it's something docs are particularly interested in. Xx

LA1980 in reply to Ding_0202

My period started last night. Extremely painful but at least its happening! Xx

jennilou in reply to LA1980

As you said at least you have it now but keep an eye on everything still. I mean like lasting too long, flooding and if the pain is too bad do see the doctor. xx

LA1980 in reply to jennilou

Just experienced the 'flooding'! :( Not ideal when you are stuck at work and already have 3 maxi pads on and a whole bunch of tissues!

Have had headaches, 3 nose bleeds and the back of my calf is hard, red and hot like when I had DVT!

Am going to make a doctors appointment but how long does the bleeding last for?


jennilou in reply to LA1980

Oh Oh Oh, not sure about how long the bleeding lasts for but the doctor should know all this. When do you see him as you seem to be in need of him/her real soon. Look after yourself xx

I was told it could take over a week for a period to arrive (that is with provera which is similar I believe), I think it does vary though.

Oh can see your period has arrived now which is good, make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy. The other alternative is to go on the combined pill as this will control the pcos symptoms too, you can take 3 months on the trot which will reduce the symptoms further as well.

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