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Pcos for 17yrs


Hi iv had pcos for 17yrs I had my last period yr2000 I then had a day bleed on the 12th. June 2004 my wedding day of all days since then nothing up till 2wks ago I had a really bad day heavy and very painfull then stopped exactly 2wks later if done the same I have really bad facial hair and body hair I also have t2 diabetes which is controlled by insulin and tablets sleep ap to . I was wondering if the period that I'm having at the minute is normal or should I be going back to my docs and asking to be referred bk to the hospital

Sorry for rambling on my first time posting xxx

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Hi Suzie, First of all - sorry you're having a tough time. Nothing with PCOS is normal, but you should always do what your instincts tell you - go to the gp if you're concerned. I too have PCOS (was diagnosed at 17, now 33) and have hirtuism too. My periods were very erratic (once every few years) until I became pregnant in 2014. I recently started taking metformin (which is a diabetes medication so it may help you with your type2 also) to help me ovulate, and it has made my periods regular every month.

Do you see a specialist about your PCOS?

Suzie79 in reply to merrohawk83

Thanks for replying no i haven't seen anyone for the last 6yrs at least about it they seemed to think I can't pay for ivf so they wasn't bothered with me I am going to go my GPS and see what they say because I have said for a while now surly I should have a check up once in a while xx

we all need a good moan lol, ur not alone. Unfortunately there is nothing nice about having pcos. I'm sorry its so painful

Suzie79 in reply to confused31

I'm just having a feeling sorry for myself couple of days lol but as the saying go be rate lol xx

confused31 in reply to Suzie79

I love your attitude but remember we all have days when we feel down. Although, its not great for my waist line as I tend to have seen some ice cream

You must have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy otherwise you can have serious issues down below so you do need to see your GP to force periods. Don't let your GP fob you off to say arent you lucky because you are not.....

Suzie79 in reply to Hols969

I'm going to go GPS that's if I can get appointment lol and yeah I'm worried about problems it can cause mot having them

Hols969 in reply to Suzie79

Yes getting an appointment is the issue lol - good luck


I've had pcos since 17 and now 35. I was given the pill to bring my periods into a regular pattern but now I want to start a family. I came off the pill 18 months ago and only had 2 natural periods so I went to my GP who referred me to a specialist. She advised I take Myo-inositol which is a powder of folic acid and B9. It has brought my periods back to a much more regular 37-39 day cycle.

I would advise you definitely go back to your GP, because as mentioned - you need 4 periods a year minimum to maintain healthiness.

Good luck xx

I read a really good book called 'the period repair manual', have a look. I've given up sugar ad am seeing a herbalist and it's really helped

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