PCOS help!

Can I get any hormones to help ! What methods can I use

I'm a 17 year old and got diagnosed at the age of 14 , haven't had a period since then ,Got told that I had it but nothing since then. I use hair removal cream everyday but comes back with a few hours and stuble constantly. My hormones are messed up and have regular mood swings , I also have an under active thyroid which doesn't help. I was wondering can I get hormones to make me more female again , I hate having facial hair. My body is covered and waxing hurts and it grows back quickly. I'm losing weight but nothing is happening ... Can I get the pill to induce a period ? Can I get more hormones to get rid of testosterone? Help please

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  • I was put on the pill to kick start periods which did work. As for the facial hair I'm in the same boat and yet to find a solution to its hat works. I've manage to shift the weight and get down to a 'healthy' bmi but it hasn't improved my hair issue but it did however get my body into a regular cycle on its own so I've been able to have children!

  • I think it a bit more complex and you would benefit from seeing a natural path, my daughter is the same, and I have thyroid, so there are links, also MTHFR gene, it's like a puzzle putting the missing bits in, have a look at blood tests for B12 folate ferritin, as a slow thyroid needs these, and the thyroid controls the thermostat of the body and also connected to the ovaries, I'm still trying to sort my daughter too, slow progress, hope you find some answers 😊

  • I'm trying to sort my daughter out too. She has type 1 and pcos plus her thyroid has come back borderline. They've not put her on meds though. She struggles with her weight. She deffo seems to have too much testosterone I wish I knew the solution 😩

  • Same as my 17 year old. Her tsh came back as borderline. She's type 1 diabetic too. She's on insulin pump plus 2000mg metformin and Yasmine pill seeing endo on tues for help x

  • You must have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy, if you go on the combined contraceptive pill, this will help with all your pcos symptoms and also ensure you have the important 4 periods a year. (I take two months on the trot of the pill, tried 3 but kept spotting, so try 3 if you can) as it will reduce your symptoms even further by not having a pill break and is perfectly safe to do.

    Reduce sugar as much as poss and cut out all white carbs are they make symptoms ten times worse.

    Waxing is more long term (don't be embarrassed about getting waxed as those beauty ladies have seen it all) and it does last longer. Laser is another option but is obviously expensive (and nothing is permanent for us as it is a hormonal imbalance so until that is under control, which can be helped by the contraceptive pill but wont eliminate it forever sadly).

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