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PCOS and miscarriage.

Hi all just got a question for you all. I found out in December just before Xmas that I had anembryonic pregnancy and was going to miscarry, started bleeding and finally passed the sac on the 12th Jan. Only 26 days later I've had a period. Is this normal with pcos to have a period so soon after? Last year I only had two periods and was so irregular it just seems a bit weird to me to have one so soon after. Do you think the misscarriage could have somehow kick-started my body into a regular cycle? Thanks in advance for any help x

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Poor you - because your hormones change when pregnant it can change things generally so I wouldn't necessarily say it has kick started anything sadly, make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus health.

Miscarriage is not more common in pcos fyi (they thought it was initially but further research has shown it is not more common than any other lady, it is more the fact that pcos ladies know their bodies pretty well and are more on the ball so actually notice it whereas a non pcos lady may just suspect it was a late period).

Also don't focus too much on a period as they actually do not mean much as you can ovulate without one and having a period doesnt mean you are ovulating (which was me even though mine were relatively regular). Has your partner been tested as well to check his swimmers are ok as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men (my hubbie had lots of dead and two tailed sperm).


Thank you for your reply. I was only diagnosed with pcos late last year after having my implant removed. I had reasonably regular periods before I had my son so never realised I had pcos. I think it's the implant that has messed my periods up. Oh really that's interesting about miscarriage not being more common have you got any links to some more info on it? And no my partner hasn't been tested would he need to be because we already have a little boy? My doctor also doesn't seem interested in pcos and knows we're trying for a baby but has basically just said there's nothing they can do and to just get on with it. Do you think I should be asking to see a specialist? Read loads of stuff about people getting help trying to conceive but we've had no help at all! Thanks xx


Yes I would get him tested, fertility in men can change quite rapidly. The implant is horrendous from a pcos point of view and can make all the symptoms worse so not a good contraceptive !!

Your situation is a bit more tricky due to having a child already so it is more limited via the NHS but saying that you should be given clomid to help conceive. I would join fertilityfriends website and start taking your temperature to see if you are actually ovulating - get your partner on the Boots Vit C and zinc tablets just to be doubly sure (my hubbies increased by over 100% in a year). Also the one advantage of pcos is our egg quality remains better for longer so we can conceive later in life too (so ignore that ticking clock).

If you goggle the Verity main website it should give you more info on pcos.

Have you put on weight since your little chap - this can make symptoms worse - the fatter you are the worse the symptoms can be. I would definitely start temping though to see what your body is doing as it may help, you have got pregnant so I think your chances of conceiving again is pretty high, just sadly something wasn't quite right last time so you miscarried. Good luck, stay positive as it will work.

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Thanks for all your advice. Will get my partner the boots tablets. I've put on a little bit of weight since I had my little boy but my bmi is only a tiny bit over. Before I fell pregnant with my little boy is lost quite a bit of weight due to illness so maybe I'll try and loose a bit more. I also started taking myo inositol powder a few months ago which has helped me loose a bit of weight x

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As long as your bmi is under 30 then you should qualify for some fertility treatment if need be but I personally would leave it a few months as I suspect you will get pregnant relatively quickly (fingers crossed) xx


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