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Has anyone taken norethisterone before?


Hello, new to this and just posted something but unsure if I have done so correctly 🤷‍♀️.. just wondering if anyone had this before norethisterone? It says a period should come 2-3days after you stop but I've had no sign of it.. can it take longer for women with pcos? Any comments be greatly appreciated 😊

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I’ve taken it loads to stop or induce periods. I do usually get a period about 3 days after but it has taken longer. I think last time it took almost a week. When did you finish your course?

SallyW91 in reply to Solly-44

Yeah this is to induce one, I was hoping it would've come around now! Maybe I'm over worrying.. This is my fourth day, I stopped taking it Wednesday?

Solly-44 in reply to SallyW91

Yeah it’s so frustrating waiting for one! Hopefully it will start soon, I’d give it a couple of days and if nothing contact your dr.

SallyW91 in reply to Solly-44

Okay thank you, I was just unsure. Someone did say it can take some women up to 10 days, but I read most places 3-4 days so thank you for your advice it's good to hear from someone who's taken it too.

I think i came on my period 5 days after stopping it .. like you i was beginning to panic! I think everyone’s just different. It’ll come tomorrow i bet ☺️

SallyW91 in reply to Sunshine92

Thank you, it's good being on here and getting other peoples views and opinions! Fingers crossed then, feel it's due to arrive ha

Hi, mine took a week to come after the last pill

Ah thank you, I am just worrying but I'll just have to give it time I suppose 😊 it's good to know it really varies with everyone!

It was usually 5 days for me. But it can be a week

SallyW91 in reply to EmGLA

Thank you 😊 just give it time!

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