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I saw doctor and she thinks I may have pcos . Booked up for 2 sets of bloods and a scan, she was very nice . I'm on my period and she wants bloods this week but the only app they had was for when I have a job interview :(. So it's booked for next Monday . It's the lh / fsh bloods . Find this very frustrating as I get period 3 times a year . She wants to see me in 4 weeks .

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  • Hi Hun... did you have your appointment?! How did you get on x

  • Hi Nicole , my ovaries are polycystic and I haven't had all the bloods yet but as I have symptoms ( acne , hair etc .) I'm pretty sure I have the full syndrome x

  • Just keep going for all tests needed... try your best to get as much info as possible. 😀

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