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Worried I may be infertile


Not really sure where to start but I guess I am just after advice and reassurance in general.

I am 28 years old and have suffered with PCOS for quite a while now. I had tests done with my GP quite a few years ago and my bloods were fine however I have always had irregular periods (one month it might be 29 days the next it can be 44 and then the next month can be 30). I have excess hair pretty much everywhere but in the last year or so it has now appeared on my face, chin, neck and boobs (which is delightful!). I also had an US scan done and it did show cysts on my right ovary, however my left ovary was "hiding behind something" so the doctor said she couldn't see if there were cysts on that one.

I was in a relationship for around 4 years and we never once used contraception! We were not actively trying for a baby however in those 4 years we never had any accidents or near misses!

I am now with someone who has expressed how much he really wants children one day. I have not told him about this previous relationship I was in but since he has said this it has been playing on my mind a lot that maybe I could be infertile?

Does anyone have any similar experiences or success stories?

Also is it possible to go back to my doctor and ask for some more bloods to be taken and another US scan? I know they probably won't do much for me in terms of tests for fertility seeing as I am not actually trying to conceive at the moment.

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You aren't infertile that is for sure due to pcos. Had you considered it may have been your partner at the time rather than you as 1/3 of fertility issue are now men. If he was fine, then it could be a simple as one of your tubes being blocked or something.

I wouldn't bother going for more bloods or scans as it may well confuse matters (cysts are only a symptom and not the cause and quite a few ladies who have been previously diagnosed as they had cysts have been rescanned and told they dont have pcos as they dont have cysts which is wrong as they can come and go).

What are your periods like ? It may be worth starting to get in tune with what your body is doing (look at the fertilityfriends website as it advises how to chart for ovulation and also what signs to look for).

It is extremely rare to not conceive just because of pcos so honestly dont worry about that, there is loads of help now with conceiving, so you may just need a little bit of help to achieve your goal when the time is right for you. Also we can conceive later than the norm as our egg quality remains better for longer (I was 36 when I conceived Noah) so you dont need to listen out for the ticking clock !


Ah ok I didn't realise that the cyst's can come and go so that's great to know thank you!

As for my periods they are pretty consistent in terms of how much I bleed, how long I bleed for - It is just the length of my cycle that varies. I can never pinpoint an exact day that I will come on which can be frustrating.

Thank you for your response :)


Yes sadly they still seem to think the cysts cause pcos but they dont, considering men can have the condition!! They are pretty sure my husband and son have it!!


I have been trying for a year. I found out I had pcos because my period were irregular (cycles are 32-92 days). I'm starting fertility treatment now but the tablets I'm going to be prescribed have a pretty high success rate so I wouldn't worry about being infertile. There are lots of success stories and I believe there are very few people who never conceive, it just may take a little longer x

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Good luck with the treatment! Hope it all works out for you x


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