Does PCOS cause pain?

Hi guys,

I have been experiencing a really bad pain in my left lower abdomen. I think it's an ovary.. I went to the doctors and they started with colposcopy. I have had med period bleedings or no bleeding at all with period pains. I can't have sex cause its too painful and i bleed. During colposcopy I found out i have pre-cancerous cells. I have been told this wouln't cause any pain and ladies at the hospital said i needed to have an ultrasoud. I have been given a date in 4 weeks. With pain being really bad I have booked a private one. The ultrasound showed that my ovaries are 13 and 11 cc and are showing the characteristics of PCOS. Now my GP said i need to have a blood test but next available appointment is on 15th of December. I am in big pain, I have lost all my hopes and I don't know what to do.. I have read that PCOS doesn't cause any pain? Can someone advise if they experienced any pain? thanks in advance!

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  • No generally pcos does not cause pain, I would ask to be checked for endometreosis as this can cause severe pain. There is a link between pcos and endo so it isnt uncommon to have both. If the pain gets any worse then you will need to go to A&E if you cannot get to your GP and get it taken seriously.

  • Just to say I absolutely feel your despair, since I am going through something similar at the moment (persistent pelvic pain on my right side, 3+ weeks on). My advice is not to give up and to keep insisting on the urgency of your situation. With the current crisis in the NHS, GPs are only given 7-10 minutes per patient, they don't even get to ask all the necessary questions, so you know better how bad it is and how urgent your treatment needs to be. I was also referred for a blood test in two weeks' time and it seemed way too far for the amount of pain and discomfort that I am in, so I called them back this morning, saying that I have a low-grade fever (which I didn't even have time to report when I last saw my GP!) and that I am really unwell and asking if I could do my blood test elsewhere. They said I could pick up the printed form immediately (tomorrow) and take it to the pathology section of the local hospital, where I can have my blood test. I also resorted to a private ultrasound & gyn consultation (apparently my ovaries have a polycystic *shape* but I've never had any PCOS symptoms so the gynecologist didn't think that could be the cause of my pain, although the GP said it could be, so who knows).

    Best of luck, hopefully you will be able to get a diagnosis & treatment soon!

  • Hi! Thank God that someone feel the same! I literary started thinking that maybe I am going crazy. I have been calling my GP every day this week just gone and she said that hospital appointment like you have just said, is the best they can offer. I seem to have a similar situation to yours. I haven't been diagnosed just yet. The ultrasound lady said they look and have a characteristics of being policistic. I am on a strict diet for people with insulin resistance and i am still gaining weight, my hair is falling off but I don't have any facial or extra hair.

    Did you get diagnosed with PCOS or was it something else in the end?

    What sort of treatment are you on? Did the pain stop? I am sorry to ask so many questions but it is soooo good to know, there are people going through the same.

    Thank you all for replying :)

  • No you are not going crazy! I don"t care what they say, it has caused me loads of pain!

  • I wouldn't take it seriously just yet that there are cancerous sells, they tend to jump to that too soon, yes PCOS causes pain because your ovaries are very senstive especally if one of the folicules that blew up into a balloon bursts, i've had very bad pains in my stomach 5 times before in the past, 4 of those times i was sick and i went pale and sweaty then i was exaughsted afterwards, all times lasted about an hour, not sure if it was a ghost pain or inflamation or a small folicule popping *shrugs*, it can also cause women to have bad period pains if they do get their period, my mum got quite horrible period pains when she was younger and still did during menopause, now she feels much better after her periods stopped completely.

    She's been taking these vitimins in this vitimn pack for menopause, it has iron, B2, B3, B12, magnesium, Vit D3 (the real kind of vit d), calcium, Vit A and Vit C, she started to get really ratty with us too like she would always try to goad me and everyone into arguments for no reason but lately she's not been doing so, so try to take these vitimins too, there is proof it really helps and Vit D3 has helped with excessive hair growth too with some women, it's said most women with PCOS are defficent in Vit D, Iron, B vitimins and Magnesium, so id start on these to help things a little bit too. PCOS more certainly can cause pain for sure though.

  • I can tell you it has caused me a hell of alot of pain!

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