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Pcos has ruined my relationship

Hi I'm 21. Recently been diagnosed after years of problems which have gradually got worse. It's taken my GP over two years to diagnose me. I've been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years. And he's struggling more with the diagnosis then me. He doesn't understand how it affects every part of me and my life. He just thinks I'm bat shit crazy and like to cause arguments and it's straining our relationship to the point where he wants to leave me. We've been together for a while and he's been through every part of my problems. He's seen me put on over 5st since we've been together and had to suffer my terrible mood swings and being severely depressed and violent outbursts, the no pretty much none existiant sex life as it's become very painful. I feel very unattractive because of the weight gain and body hair. I hate going out. And constantly in pain. He's had enough, the diagnosis has come way to late and don't know what to do to save my relationship.

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Are you on the combined contraceptive as this can help symptom wise and also, for me, makes losing weight easier. The other thing to consider is anti depressants, there is a link between pcos and depression/anxiety and they dont know if it is the hormone imbalance or the symptoms that cause it. Lots of us have been on AD, I think they are brilliant, I have been on and off them and I know if I am having a particularly difficult phase they are an option. They are non addictive and just make you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sex when you are feeling fat and ugly is the last thing on your mind, so you are not alone there.

Stick to a low GI diet and cut out all white carbs as they are the route of all evil in my opinion - I used to crave noodles frequently but no longer do, I cut out sugar for 3 weeks and went to brown carbs, it was tough but I generally no longer have the cravings for stodge and carby meals.

As for the hair, buy yourself a wet and dry epilator as that will help (do it in the shower as it is less painful. I also get waxed (bum and lower back) and the ladies at the salon have pretty much seen it all before so I no longer worry about it (felt very uncomfortable on the first appointment but mentioned pcos and they have loads of pcos ladies go and have hair removal). I have had laser on my beard and that has made a massive difference to my confidence as well.

You can take back control - try and get your mental health sorted first as that is key to tackling the rest, remember depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain and not something you have done!!


Been on antidepressants they don't work been on numerous same with the pill. Already on the diet and have lost 1st. But think it's all too late for my relationship


There are lots of different types of AD and combined pill so keep trying different ones as one may suit. Go and speak to your GP and ask for some help. Well done on the weight loss as it can be very slow and is difficult to keep the motivation going.


I've been on nearly every pill. Some my gp won't try because they know it won't be affective. Been on many different pills over the year and some worked but as my symptoms get worse and worse the less effective they become


Hey i can help give you advice i just turned 20 and was diagnosed at 19. I struggled with antidepressants too and it's hard. I haven't been on a pcos diet yet or exercised. I need to change but I'm taking one step at a time.


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