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Advice please ? I just want to be prepared for when I am pregnant!

Hi just so you know I'm still trying to get pregnant but I'm bit confused as my sister in law had just given birth and during she had epidural which can cause blood clots. The reason I'm confused is because I have Polycystic ovaries and have two copy of the factor v Leiden gene and asthma so what would people with my health problems have during birth gas and air or epidural because I've also been told that throughout all my pregnancies I'm gunna have to inject heparin throughout pregnancy and six weeks after. I just scared without gas and air because of my asthma and if I have the epidural could cause the heparin to stop working or cause my blood clots to happen.

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I think you would have to speak to your GP, there is no issue from a PCOS point of view to my knowledge of an epidural as lots of pcos ladies have had one while giving birth


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