PCOS but test show I ovulated! Why aren't I pregnant???

I'm so confused! We have been ttc for over a year and I have PCOS. I have had numerous blood tests done to check for ovulation. I got my results yesterday and doc said I did indeed ovulate just a bit late. My cycles are anywhere between 36 and 50 days long and I just assumed I never ovulated with my PCOS. My partner also got his semen results this week and was told everything is fine with him. So my question is why aren't I pregnant if I ovulated last month?

I don't understand I thought we were struggling to conceive as I don't ovulate so now it's proved I do ovulate I don't understand. Any advice?


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  • well done on ovulating, that's a huge thing. I'm sorry I can't explain it I wish I could. I guess its just a case of keep trying,I'm sorry I wish I could say something better. But please don't give up and don't be sad, ovulating is a big thing and you should be proud that its happened

  • Thank you! I know it was nixed feelings I was elated to find ouT I ovulated but then later realised I hadn't got pregnant so annoyed. But hey ho we will get there! Thanks

  • your welcome but don't give up

  • Dont lose heart these things take time i have pcos and 3 beautiful children which i know im lucky to have. On my third after op to remove half my ovary i was told i wouldnt be able to have anymore without alot of help i gave up trying and decided on a if it happens it happens approach and it did. there is a false belief that you cant get pregnant with pcos but everyone is different, if the doctors are positive about your circumstances only other thing i can suggest is exercise once i started losing some weight i caught faster but it helps fill you with happy hormones as well which can ease stress. good luck and keep your chin up even people with perfect health take time to fall pregnant 😊

  • Thank you! im not overweight at all I never have been which is why I was shocked I had PCOS I thought it was a definite symptom that you struggled with weight. I have thought about sorting my diet out and being strict to see if that makes a difference but we shall see! Thank you x

  • Oh i didnt mean to imply it just own personal prob and after trying for 5 years with no joy thought losing a little weight and strengthening my muscles a little couldnt do any harm after going to the gym for about 5 months caught on baby 3. Having a look at diet certainly cant do any harm maybe take a supplement if you are not already to help keep your vits up. Pcos effects people differently ironically they didnt pick up on mine till after my op. Good luck 😊

  • Oh no worries I know you didn't imply it. But yeah I think I could do with getting fit again I may be slim but I'm not the fittest haha! Iv been recommended so many different supplements I'm not sure which I should have so I'm scheduled to see the doc end of this month so I will have a word and see what she recommends for me too. Thank you very much x

  • You are welcome dont worry your not on your own loads of people in the same boat hope the doc can make heads or tails of supplements for you 😊

  • Even if you haven't PCOS it can take time to get pregnant. Great that you know you ovulate....just keep trying and relax!! 😊

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