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Experiences Of Yasmin?

Hi all,

I have been put on Yasmin to help with endometriosis ( I had a lap done in November 2018) and I also have PCOS. I have been taking it for 7 days so far and I have to say I feel pretty rubbish. Very tired, snappy - and I mean SNAPPY. I am 37 and a couple of stone over weight and I am worried about the stroke and blood clot risks I keep reading about. I googled this pill and literally had the fear of death put in me. I am a non smoker with no real significant family history of clots etc

Can anyone share their experience of using this pill? Good and bad. And is it safe for me to be taking this ! Will the mood swings pass in time!? My husband is desperate to know!

Many many thanks!


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Hey Rebecca, I suffer with PCOS and manage it with Yasmin pills. I do become quite hormonal and emotive during my monthly cycles but I think this is to be expected as this pill contains the synthetic estrogen hormone.

When I first started taking the pill I was a few stone overweight also and felt pretty rubbish, but since then I lost a few stone and have noticed improvement. I found that my symptoms (irregular periods, excessive hair) improved nicely.

I cannot find fault with Yasmin but everyone’s body will respond in its own way. I do pay close attention to any changes and will ask my doctor if I’m concerned and would recommend you do the same. If you find nothing improves, it might be worth looking into alternative options

I have recently requested a scan to see if there are any improvements or problems so I’m hoping that with now being on the pill for 2.5 years that everything is normal. We’ll see..

Best wishes


Hi Rebecca,

I was on Yasmin for about 10 years. It regulated my cycles very well and I lost all my excess body hair which was lovely. Coming off it though I realised that it dulled my emotions a good bit which I didn't notice at the time. I got my blood pressure checked twice a year in order to manage the blood clot risk but I didn't have any issues. I would give it a year and see how you feel. There are other pill options if this one doesn't suit you


Yasmin was the only pill that was any good for me. After having my baby 4 months ago they wouldnt put me back on it because of my age (I'm 37) they put me on cerelle at my 6 week postnatal check and at 10weeks I had to go back it nearly drove me insane!!!! I was so low so drained of energy felt like a snail!!!! They changed me then to another and its bloody worse.... wont put me back on yasmin and I dont want a coil because with both "trial and error" pills I have bled constantly cant put my body through all that again!!! Every person is different I hope you find 1 that works for you...ride it out as long as you can but not too long that it drives you mad!!!!! I had no moods with yasmin


Is your weight and blood pressure ok, I would say you want to go back on it, I am 50 and passable weight wise just lol and they do query me but I just say I am happy to take the small risk of being on it to keep the pcos symptoms at bay.


Weight is fine but only recently because I always carried extra weight never had a problem with yasmin like I've had with the rest.... to be fair though it didn't really help my hair growth still battle with it...but as for moods etc it was great


I would go back to the gp and say you want to go back on it due to pcos symptoms, mine have been fine about it, they do bring it up occasionally but each time I say I am happy to stay on it as I would rather take the small risk then turn into a fat, hairy, hormonal woman!!


I'm 50 and still on this combined pill for the pcos symptoms. Your GP wouldn't have put you on it if your weight was an issue. After it settles take 3 months on the trot as it helps even more


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