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Evening Primrose Oil & PCOS, Hormone Imbalance, Irregular Cycles


I've recently purchased some natural supplements to start taking in the new year to balance out my hormones and to improve PCOS and fertility. I suffer with irregular periods, I'm not currently trying to conceive but I will want to be one day. I'm going to be taking a multivitamin, B12, turmeric and evening primrose oil.

I have come across recommended dosage information online that suggests you should only take evening primrose oil during the menstrual and ovulation phase of your cycle (or something like that?) Can anyone help me to work out when to take this supplement and how long for? I had initially assumed that it would be an everyday supplement like the rest of them but apparently too much can cause problems. And because my periods are so irregular, it's difficult to know where I am in my cycle in order to start at the right time. I have been using an app called “My Flo” for a few months which has been incredibly helpful in tracking and logging my periods and symptoms throughout my cycle, however, I never start my period when it predicts! I’m late every single time. For instance, I’m already 6 days late - pretty standard for me! So, if you are supposed to begin taking evening primrose oil on the first day of menstruation, should I be starting them very soon? I’m confused!

Thank you!

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Hi, I take evening primrose oil every day. I get severe breast pain and tenderness and the specialist recommended them. Oddly enough they work.

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Hi, Lealee! That’s great that evening primrose oil works for you. I will try taking supplements everyday! If you don’t mind me asking, did/do you experience irregular periods?


I used to, I got diagnosed 18yrs ago when I was a teen. My periods were always irregular/non existent then suddenly I would be on for 10 days and off for 4. PCOS wasn’t widely known about so I was told it was early menopause. Saw a specialist and diagnosed with PCOS. I don’t have periods anymore due to the pill.


I was also put on metformin after about 4 years while TTC


Sorry to hear you suffered with that and couldn’t get an earlier diagnosis! After a few years on and off the pill I decided it wasn’t for me and so I’m trying to improve my symptoms naturally which is what pointed me to the direction of evening primrose oil. How long did it take for you to notice improvements?


In the late 90s in seemed that no one knew what PCOS was, it was hard in the beginning because I was young and there was a lot of misinformation. I’ve tried several pills Due to side effects, if it wasn’t for all the problems and pain that come with my periods I’d stop taking them.

I was told to stop eating processed foods and found that helped.


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