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Take what?

2nd august 2012 was the day when it started . I was already under stress as my grandfather was operated the same day for pace maker and he was not very cooperative. Suddenly in evening I had pain in right side of my face and neck. I had no idea where this pain was coming from I went back home from hospital thinking that maybe its stress. But it continued. I went to an ENT specialist he told me that its salivary gland infection , gave some antibiotics and pain killers and sent me home after 4 days I went back and pain was really bad this time the ent specialist referred me to dentist the dentist told me that its MPDS and he started me on pain killers and physiotherapy meanwhile I started having fever which was diagnosed as typhoid fever and I was given antibiotics. But after completing the course of antibiotics the fever didn't go away. So doctors ordered more blood tests all of those blood tests showed something but pointed nowhere. I decided to seek a second opinion I went to an immunologist rather directly without any referral he ordered some blood tests, an ultrasound and CT scans. And in between I started having chest pain. So now I had three really bad issues affecting me i.e neck and jaw pain , fever, and chest pain and at the same time I was 15 kilos lighter. So when I went to A@E due to chest pain and the docs saw my ultrasound and previous reports he said I have T.B of stomach. To be frank I was relived. I was then put on ATT. But those symptoms were still there I was visiting emergency on a daily basis even docs were getting frustrated with me. When day arrived for CT scan I was literally preying that atleat this test give me an answer. After a week I got my report I went to the immunologist then after seeing the report he was really surprised. He sent me to the ward where I was admitted. A senior resident who attended me told me about my disease and how rare it is. The date was 29th october. I was relived. I was started on prednisolone and calcium. And after 2 to 3 days azathioprine was also added. And I was councelled on possible use of cyclophosphamide. And a new journey began for me.

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