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I have pcos but cysts are no longer there

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Hi I started getting light bleeding yesterday morning which was bright red and I started getting sharp, stabbing pains in my lower abdomen and it was so bad I had to go to a and e and they took blood tests and everything's normal and they did a full examination but had to keep me in over night so I could have an ultrasound scan and a transvaginal scan but after all this the scan revealed that I no longer have cysts on my ovaries but they don't know what caused the sharp stabbing pains which were so severe but they said my uterus was out of shape a touch but that's normal when you bleed could it be possible I don't have pcos anymore and will it be easier for me to get pregnant

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There is no cure for pcos. If a cyst ruptures then this can cause alot of pain. I have very similar pains very regularly still nothing is being done. Usually cysts go away on their own, I had a 4cm cyst on my ovary 2 years ago, pain was horrendous, told to go back 4 weeks later for another scan and it had gone. I have a blog I'm writing for my degree but it's about PCOS, have a read. I hope you get some answers.


Cysts can go away and PCOS rarely does.  The thing to look at is your hormone levels.  Did you blood tests indicate PCOS?  Take them to your GP and talk about it there.

Lots of PCOS sufferers have pain as their symptoms, in my NON MEDICALLY TRAINED brain I always think it has something to do with the hormones affecting the ovaries.  If the pain went away and you were checked over I would take comfort in that.

Are the bleeding and pain linked to a missed period or anything?

No but doctor said he gunna class it as my normal  period for march but the the said he doesn't think I Have polycystic ovaries  because I'm still having a period every !onthband I have no cysts anymore and I only gained two or three more hairs then I should but I'm scared incase I can't have children which will break me plus im being told one minute I've got pcos and the next I haven't but then a different doctor said my periods and fertility might be all over the place cause of my weight.

I think if you don't have hormones regularly all over the place you can rarely call it PCOS. But maybe you had polycystic ovaries. That can go away. 

Your weight will have a big impact on your periods, are you very overweight?

I have had PCOS since 17 years old but have two wonderful children, without any medical help. Are you trying to have conceive now? PCOS might mean you have trouble but it might not too x

I end tryinfor a baby with my partner for tewo years but the first year of trying I've just been took off the implant h it took like 7 months to my period returned but they were on and off until last year for both 4 months then went six months without a period then I have had a period every month up to now nice December 2015 but I'm scared I can't be children and I'm 14.7 stone and my body mass index is 34. Something the doctor said he believes if I can get my BMI down to 30 or below then he believes I'll get pregnant within 3months of doing that.

Yes that will certainly help. How regular are your periods now?

They regular im not due on till 28th this month but last month I was 6 days late and month before I was nine days late 

But monthly is good.  When my partner and I were trying for a baby we had some really good advice I'd like to share with you..

When your period ends, have sex every other day with your partner - it's important you don't do it every day because of the quality of the sperm you need.  If you can orgasm after your partner does, it aids the sperm to travel up to your egg.  Some people also like to count backwards from ovulation time.  Ovulation time (when the egg is released from your ovary) is 14-16 days after your period finishes, so they make sure the 'every other day' method falls on having sex on the 16th day of their cycle.  Does that make sense?  You can also buy ovulation sticks from your local pharmacy if you'd like to make sure you're having sex at the right time for egg release.

But take some comfort from the fact that you're probably ovulating!  Even if you can't predict when your period will come, it is coming regularly so you are releasing eggs regularly.  Now concentrate on losing weight (I know it's easier said than done!) and helping your partner produce quality sperm!

Have you tried cutting gluten from your diet?  When I needed to I lost a lot of weight that way.

Good luck x

What food contain gluten and also I'm just worried in case I cat have a baby it would break and I trying to lose weight but finding it hard to and also thanks for the advice I'll ry that. I'm at the doctors today but im asking to be tested for blocked tubes because I believe I have it but I'm gunna break down and tell the doctors that I want to be tested for blocked tubes.

Is English not your first language? I will try and be easier to understand.

Gluten is found in things like bread and pasta and also sauces, it is used in flour you see.  You can buy 'gluten free' food from the big supermarkets.  It is more expensive but when I was trying for my baby the Doctor asked me to go to a clinic for losing weight (my BMI was 30) and here I talked to another lady who tried gluten-free food.  I lost a lot of weight over 5 months (I went down 2 dress sizes) and am still gluten-free now. 

Now I also try to cut down my sugar.  I call it 'no added sugar' diet.  I read the food labels and when I find sugar or dextrose or glucose (these are other words for sugar) I don't eat it.  So I eat natural sugar from fruits and in honey but do not add sugar to my tea or food etc.  It is also something I would recommend.

Yes English is my first language I just haven't learnt word like gluten that's all and would I have to give up pasta all together.

Sorry if that was offensive!  Didn't mean it to be.

Gluten is something they add in the process of making flour.  Don't think many would know exactly what it was but it's quite trendy to be 'gluten free' nowadays so you might've heard of it?  Tescos are doing a big thing on it.

No you can just substitute pasta for gluten-free pasta and we all (my family) think it tastes the same.  You have to cook it well (if you cook it too long it goes really soggy) but other than that it does taste good.  I couldn't give up pasta all together!  The bread... Woah.. The bread..  You'll never find gluten-free bread that tastes anything like the 'normal' stuff you buy.  You have to decide to like the gluten-free bread (I recommend Genius as a make, can buy it most big supermarkets) or give it up!  Very hard!  The other thing I'll say about gluten free if you want to do it.... Bread is the thing that you can't really cheat on, one cheat and you find yourself off the wagon for ages but I do cheat with everything else and the weight doesn't IMMEDIATELY go back on.  For instance if I'm out with friends and I don't want to make a fuss about being gluten-free I will just have something with sauce or pasta and make sure I'm really good the next day - it doesn't ruin it for me.

Finally, and actually, it's quite easy to eat out nowadays with a lot of restaurants doing gluten-free menus on request.  But I'm in London, I might be luckier.

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Polycystic Ovaries (PCO) and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are two separate things, although they can be tied together.

The syndrome is a range of symptoms tied to a single medical condition. That's what a syndrome is. The fact that it is called Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is because ovarian cysts are often, but not always, present and in early medical research was used to identify the syndrome.

"Polycystic" means "multiple cysts." Women without the syndrome can get multiple cysts on their ovaries. That's PCO.

Women with PCOS can have PCO, they can also not have any cysts or their cysts disappear, but still have the syndrome.

The doctors should test your hormone levels if they haven't already, specifically testosterone and estrogen.

Hi... Did you follow any diet? What did you do for your pcos disappear? Did the cysts came back again? PLS SHARE your changes over these years...

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