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Just starting treatment!


Hi all I was diagnosed around 9 months ago with PCOS and we are currently TTC. I had my first appointment at fertility clinic on Tuesday which I couldn’t believe was actually located within the antenatal clinic within the hospital! I’m sure I’m not the first one to be upset by that or feel it’s insensitive but never mind. Our experience with the doc wasn’t great, he kept leaving the room to ask the consultant questions regularly and it was confusing but never mind. They ordered me a HSG to check my tubes as I had a ruptured appendix 4 Years ago, I’ve just had this done today and I’m so delighted as he said everything was perfectly normal. Was a huge amount of relief for me! Anyway they have also ordered a sperm analysis for my partner, however when he has rang they have said next available appointment is 7th March?! I don’t understand this as I assumed he would just need to produce a sample and get it tested? Our next fertility appointment was meant to be 5th March so I can’t understand this. Does anyone else have any experiences of this? I’m wondering if I should contact my GP and arrange through him or would this be the same procedure? I’m hopeful that if all is well with his sperm we can just get started on clomid soon.


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Sorry you had a bad experience it isn't nice as this is a touchy subject as it is!

My partner did a sperm test but it was nothing todo with having to have an appointment he just took it to where my gyny said witch is somewhere in the hospital and his results would go back to my gyny! So I'm not sure why yours is different!

Ruby92 in reply to zoejane

Yeah my friend who had treatment also last year said the same! I can’t understand how it can be appointment based and the earliest be March it seems really strange!!

They do need to make sure someone is available to check it, I dont remember my husband having a time either though. May be worth asking for cancellation appointments. 1/3 of fertility issues are men so is definitely worth checking before you go to the next stage.

Fertility always seems to be next to the antenatal - I presume because they have all the relevant equipment there!

Ruby92 in reply to Hols969

Yeah no one I’ve spoke to has heard of this appointment based system! I really thought the longest bit was over and once we were in with fertility appointments wouldn’t be so long away so was a bit shocked when she said March.

Yeah I guess fertility and antenatal will be close for that reason I just didn’t expect to be sat amongst those waiting for their 12 week scan!! Never mind. They said today after my HSG that can sometimes be therapeutic and can help so fingers crossed. Just want to start on the clomifene now! X

I hope you get an appointment as soon as lovely if you ever need any advice or just a chat as I'm starting the clomifene in the next month or two feel free to message me it will be nice to hear from someone who's going through the same thing x

Ruby92 in reply to zoejane

Hi zoe that would be great I would love to keep in touch! Best of luck on the clomifene for you! X

zoejane in reply to Ruby92

Thankyou lovely 😘 x


I completely understand how frustrating this is! My partner had to wait a similar time to get his sample tested as well. The clinic had no idea of the wait, but luckily the time for my next clinic appointment was after the date he had been given for his sperm sample. I'd say ring up and ask speak to the nurse about the situation and if appropriate I'm sure they will reschedule the appointment.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Ruby92 in reply to EmGLA

It’s crazy isn’t it, I had no idea the wait would be so long! They’ve said he’s on a cancellation list which is great and hopefully something can come of that but obviously you’re meant to abstain from sex at least 2 days before hand so hopefully we get a bit of notice to ensure that happens as that’s hard when TTC! X

Hi, I have had AIH tree times and ivf. I also have pcos which has caused me no end of problems over 21 years as that is how long we have been trying to become parents. The reason you have to make appointments for sperm tests etc is the have to test the samples there selfs so any that have been done previously by gp’s are no good. I would advise you call them and tell them when you husband/partners appointment it and when the next appointment is with the specialist, they might be able to sort it out.

I do hope it works out for you both as it didn’t for me but I am going to be a mum through adoption. I would advise anyone who can’t have a baby please consider adopting as there are so many children needing loving home. All the best xxx

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