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I have PCOS and had no period for over a year...what should I be doing?


I have PCOS in both ovaries, I have been diagnosed for two years but never had normal periods. I haven't had a period in well over a year, I am only 19 and the past 6 months have been getting a pain in my bottom right side of my abdomen.

My bowel has been tested and as have my kidneys and appendix but nothing there. I am certain it is related to my right ovary (this is my worse out of the two) as my other symptoms are seemingly getting worse. My doctors keep throwing me back and forth and I am immensely fed up.

Has anyone got any advice on what I should be doing? I do want a family one day and I am feared that this is going to stop that.

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Hi😊 I'm 19 too! Are you on any birth control? That will help regulate your cycle and maybe you should keep getting tested for that pain because it could be endometriosis which can be linked to PCOS.

bethanywood in reply to Vonnah

Hello! No I was on birth control and then it was during my break with the pill I noticed I wasn't coming on. So I stopped taking it and noticed I wasn't coming on. Went back on it and was no change, I tried various different ones also but no luck ! My mum has endometriosis but doctors refuse to look at this option because they've been rubbish !!

Keep pushing the doctors because they need to keep looking into it. I sometimes get pain there and I just put it down to my ovaries trying to work but goes away within a day. X

bethanywood in reply to Ruby26

Mine comes every now and then and the majority of the time it is really painful! I definitely will thank you x

You must make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy, do not let them fob you off as it can cause issues not having a period.

I would ask to be referred to an endocrinologist as pcos is there area, if you are suffering from pain it could well be that you have endometriosis as it is not uncommon to have both conditions, An endo is specialist in both areas.

Look at the NICE guidelines on PCOS as it advises what to expect from the NHS, can you take your mum or someone with you to your next GP appointment, sometimes you do need to push for a referral and it helps having someone else there!!

First of all, you need to visit an OBGYN to see what treatment you need. Most likely they will perscribe birth control. This is to help you get on a regular cycle. Without a regular cycle, you risk not being able to have children and a list of other things as well. While you will still need to see fertility doctors, you can (most likely) still have a child.

Vonnah in reply to Mikeyann21

I'm in the same situation right now and i'm scared now. Could it really cause problems not having a period? I stopped taking my birth control and i don't know what to do now

Mikeyann21 in reply to Vonnah

I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I know that it does increase risks for ovarian cancer and (I think) type 2 diabetes. That’s what my doctor told me. If you decide to stop using the pill because you want a kid, you need to talk to your doctor about your decision.

Vonnah in reply to Mikeyann21

I see.....that's scary. I'm only 20 and i don't want children at this moment in no way am i ready for that chapter.....but i want to be able to have children someday. I stopped because last year my depression got really bad again and i ended up stop taking my birth control. I thought i would get it on my own but i didn't. I lost my first job last year and i was unemployed for 4 months and ended up with my 2nd job but things got carried away. I was working all the time and busy and didn't schedule a appointment to see my endo doctor. I was scared because i messed up and stopped taking my birth control again. I'm not even "active". When my depression gets really low that's when i neglect myself.....is there any way i can get my period to start without going to the doctor? Can Metformin start it?

Hey love, am 24 and got told when I was only 13 I had pcos, I don't get a period at all natural but I have provera I take every three months that brings on a bleed. Yeah you really need to go to the doctor's it's really unhealthy not haveing a bleed for that long 💫 when the doctor told me what the side effects could be if I didn't take my pills I made sure I had it in calendar for every three months ❤️ keep pushing with the doctor I ended up changing mine my first doctor just didn't get it xxxx

SiSisunshine in reply to Kay_x

Hi, I'm 23 and I got diagnosed quite early on in my teens too. I have tried some progesterone-only pills such as norethisterone but I got the worst side effects which were quite unbearable. I haven't had a period for over a year and it does frighten me because I have noticed I'm getting hot flushes and other symptoms. My doctor has said to me after going for a scan and blood test last year that I don't really need to have a period unless I'm trying to get pregnant but after reading the above messages it has definitely raised concern for me... I don't know what to do because I can't bear the bad side effects of taking pills but I may have to just to bring on a bleed. Have you experienced any bad side effects of taking Provera? And is there a reason why you decided not to go on the estrogen/contraceptive pill? Thanks in advance xx

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