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Newly diagnosed with PCOS... TTC and frustrated.

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Hello ladies, I'm new to all this. I've always suspected I had PCOS because my periods have been irregular, every four months or so, since they started at 16. I also have excessive facial and body hair, but lucky to have a normal BMI.

My partner and I have been ttc for more than 18 months and recently been referred for IVF. This was after the multitude of blood tests and scans you may be familiar with. 😅 They diagnosed classic PCOS and have recommended Inofolic.

I'm a bit impatient and hopefully won't have to wait long for my periods to kick in. Any advice? I'm starting a low GI diet and (trying) to exercise regularly. I really don't want to have to go down the IVF route!

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Do they not offer IUI prior to IVF (this is where they put the sperm up with the egg rather than removing the egg and doing it all outside). I conceived Noah via IUI.

Was your partners wrigglers tested as well ?

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Rach82 in reply to Hols969

He has not been tested yet; we have the kit waiting. I was not offered iui but will ask about it next time. Thanks x

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Kicksy1990 in reply to Rach82

You should really get him tested before any treatments I would have thought. They can't decide on the best course of action without knowing what the sperm counts like. If it's low or no good some treatments maybe pointless / not the best plan of action. They won't give me any options until his sperm is tested which he's just going through now.

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Rach82 in reply to Kicksy1990

I think they referred us right away due to his age being near the upper limit, but did say they won't go ahead with treatment until he's tested.

Hey, really sorry to hear that. I'm in the same boat (not up to IVF but ttc) and am too frustrated! Expecially when everyone else seems to get pregnant at the drop of the hat.

I guess maybe as infertility goes I don't think PCOS is the worst to have. Hopefully the stuff they have started you on will sort you out 😊 and the diet and exercises is a good start! I've been exercising a lot, and watching my diet, and found my cycles have improved ever so slightly! And I'm not even fully strict with the low GI diet, I just try to keep the naughty things to a minimum..😊

Good luck x

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Rach82 in reply to Kicksy1990

Thanks for the encouragement and best of luck to you too xxx

I am surprised your partner hasn't been checked as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men and I am surprised they are suggesting IVF prior to other alternatives like clomid (as it has good success rates). Hold old is your partner, didn't think their was an age limit for IVF for men, thought it was only women. I would get your partner on the Boots Vit C and Zinc tablets and get him to snack on things with zinc in it like pumpkin seeds, my hubbies which had lots of dead and two tailed, improved by over 100% in a year so would be no harm putting him on them.

I would start charting your temperature (look at fertilityfriends website) to see if you are ovulating as you can ovulate without a period and having a period doesnt mean you ovulate (which was me!)

Just as an idea of what (in my opinion) should be done

-Partners sperm tested

-Tubes checked and potentially cysts zapped via a laparoscopy (this has proved to help with conceiving for 6 months following the lap)

- clomid

- clomid plus injections (that force ovulation as clomid just produces more follicles in the hope that one will make the leap to ovulate whereas the injections force ovulation (we tend to ovulate later than the norm)

Then obviously IUI, IVF or ICSI.

One thing for you to remember is the one good thing about pcos is our egg quality remains better for longer so we can conceive later than non pcos ladies. I conceived Noah when I was 36!

Good luck, you will get their in the end as it is extremely rare not to conceive just due to pcos.

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Rach82 in reply to Hols969

I am 34, my partner is 52. The upper limit for men is 55, I was told. We are getting his sperm analysis and my tubes checked before our next appointment. The nurse mentioned clomid but couldn't start me on it until these tests have been done. Thanks for the tips I will look into the vitamins and temp checks x

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Hols969 in reply to Rach82

There is a time limit on clomid so it is really good they are checking your tubes prior to having it as a lot dont!!

You will get there in the end, you have loads of time still so ignore the ticking clock!

Update: Got my period. In shock. Don't know if it's the diet, the inositol, both or a complete coincidence. Will have to wait and see what occurs next month... but I feel better about the whole thing anyway.

Hi, may i ask what the Inofolic does ?? & how is the low GI diet going? also i noticed you commented on another users post about inositol i looked into & it looks good

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Rach82 in reply to Aprily91

I'm not exactly sure what it does! Something to do with cell signalling and blood sugar regulation. Supposedly it helps with ovulation. The nurse said it was helpful to a lot of women in my situation. I haven't ovulated this month but its not an instant cure!

The diet is ok, I've not been totally sticking to it. But my mood has been more stable. Ask your nurse practitioner/gp if you want to try the inofolic - they gave me a free months supply.

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