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Dr does not think I have pcos?


Thought I would see about getting this checked as haven't seen anyone about this since I was first diagnosed 10 years ago.

See a dr today and he was saying that I could have cysts on my overyes but not have pcos and unwanted hair is just that, he tried to say I have IBS and having weight problems is natural.

Having bloods done on Friday so that might be interesting, I don't know about my testosterone level s, according to him they could be normal. Confused don't know if I have pcos or not, won't make any difference, I still won't be able gorge on donuts!

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Well blood tests cannot tell everything. They can indicate with levels of hormones but usually a transvaginal scan is required to check for cysts.

Also I would recommend you write down all of your symptoms that you are experiencing and if you have irregular periods to note this down too with dates before going back to your doctor.

This will ideally show that you have researched and understand what you t have.

Doctors are not specialists in PCOS and it's difficult for them to sometimes discuss in detail.

Try and follow a nutritiousdiet full of vegetables and fruits and try and stay away from refined carbohydrates as they trigger other symptoms.

Thank you, I really think I have pcos. I don't know why he might think I don't, if I don't nothing will change. Its odd.

I have all the symptoms, its a coincidence if it's not! I am slightly dumbfounded with his opinion tbh, what difference does it make to him?

I had forgotten about pcos, not eating large portions but the wrong sort of thing chips, processed frozen with salad and cheese with pickle sandwiches etc. Quickly putting on weight, now losing on a diet like you've suggested, gluten & dairy free too. I can't eat normal food. So whatever comes out, that's it!

On the pill and not often having periods due to that (I think).

Do hope all goes well on your blood test. Ask for a scan if to check for cysts.

Diet change will help and also o recommend to read the book called women code by Elisa vitti.

I believe in feeding the body good nutritious food and doing regular exercise and understanding symptoms and trying to heal and manage them. For me personally medication masks the symptoms and doesn't deal with them in the long term. Long term for me I have changed my diet and incorporated exercise.

All the best with your tests.

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Actually, carbohydrates in general aren't good for PCOS. I tend to limit both fruits and vegetables to smaller portions.

And most "super healthy" vegetables like broccoli and kale contain anti-thyroid chemicals so there's that to contend with on the thyroid connection.

Protein and healthy fats are the way to go.

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What do you mean by anti thyroid?

I am off carbs at the moment, husband brought some chocs home today, I am getting fed up with this abstaining! But will resist, lol

And I smother everything in olive oil for cooking! My friend won't use it cause its fattening, for us it's not.

I' ve seen that vegetable oil is bad.

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Goitrogens. Read more here.



Note the second one lists foods that over lap with PCOS's foods to avoid like soy and tofu and grains (most happen to also be major allergens. All are considered "healthy" and "good for you" and approved on US and UK diet guidelines. Hum I wonder if there is a connection with all of this.). I feel it's important as hypothyroidism and diabetes are major complications. These kinds of things are the reason why I won't go vegan. Ate what's considered healthy all my life, got fat and more sick. Ate like my ancestors for five weeks, lost weight, vitamin serums leveled out. Go figure.

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Thank you for this I will have a read.

Yeah thanks me too.

I was reading yesterday that vegan isn't any good like its good to have eggs etc, which I am doing and with excellent results.

I don't have soy mainly because of the environmental impact it's having.

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Yeah, basically. Things like B12 are animal derived nutrients and non PCOS women eating a vegetarian diet can go low if they don't eat a fortified food (which is usually soy.) or supplements. The neurological complications of going low on that vitamin can be permanent, speaking from experience. My hands still shake.

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Thats not good, have you seen a doctor about that?

I have been a vegetarian but still had eggs, although after a few years I started really craving liver of all things. I was thinking my body was telling me something?

Perhaps you should go see a doctor about your shakey they might be able to stop it.

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The shaking is from damage from low vitamins in case I didn't make myself clear. And they can't. There's nothing they can do about nerve damage from B12 deficency.

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I am really sorry to hear that. I was hoping it could be sorted.

Pcos is a proper nightmare, we don't know what to do for the best and there is so little help.

The only thing I've done is lost so much weight i lost a lot of muscle mass as I would only nibble till I didn't feel empty. I became skin and bone, my bum hurt when I sat on it. All I wanted is to steady my weight.

Think it stopped the facial hair but as I wasn't diagnosed at the time I can't be sure because I wasn't looking for it. I couldn't carry on like that cause I was basically starving myself to death and lack of food was starting to make me feel depressed.

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Doctors often want to make it less a problem than it is. It's basically a misalignment in a set of very complicated gearworks that slowly misaligns everything else.

Hey at least my fingers stopped tingling and going numb, just shaking is an improvement. I just wont be going on any archaeology digs.

Don't limit food that much! You can eat things like steak and sausage and not feel so hungry after. It was weird not having hunger pains like I'm used to on salads and junk like that, but I swear 80 gram lamb steaks, non gluten sausages and chicken cut the hungry issue right out and lasted me between meals. But tbh I think doctors need to lay off the lose weight mentality. There's this weird obsession British doctors have revolving around weight loss.

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Ahh yes I will look out for gluten free sausages, good one I didn't think of it.

Yeah the dr did seem a bit weird to me.

In fact I've not been hungry on my new diet, either. Its a Revaluation! Wish I did it years ago. When I don't have meat I add buckwheat or Quinoa, for breakfast I am having roast buckwheat and egg. I like a bit of steak sometimes too.

I have all the colours of the rainbow in veg and lots of spices.

Try and stick with it now, lolxx

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