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PCOS, Cerrazete and Bleeding

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I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2012 after having a transvaginal scan.

I was tried on the combined pill, injection and the implant because of severe pelvic pain, none of which agreed with me so i was put on POP (cerrezate).. it completely stopped my periods for over 3 years but i have had a period every month from august 2017 sometimes 2 a month, I've always suffered from extremely heavy periods so i know what is 'normal for me but sometimes my period is so heavy that I'm actually leaking through my clothes. My doctor advised me to run to packs of POP together until I am 6 weeks bleed free and then drop back to one pill a day. I have been doing this religiously from august but still having heavy periods.

I seen my GP today and she advised to stop the pill for 3 months and then have another hormone profile done.

Should I be worried that something else is going on? I also suffer with severe bloating which no medication helps with.. it was put down to IBS.

Any advice appreciated.

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On the bloating front, I would do a food diary, I dont find one thing causes the bloat but certain combinations of food make me bloat really badly and for me it is down to combination of food so it may be ok the one food on its own but with other (certain) food it causes me to bloat badly.

I cant really help on the heavy period front as I have been lucky that mine are quite light generally. The pop pill doesnt help from a pcos point of view generally so I would come off it and see what the profile shows. The other thing you could do is ask to be referred to an endocrinologist as pcos is their expertise so they may be able to advise better than your GP (not a gynae either as it is not a 'fanny' issue but a hormonal imbalance that is the issue)

In regards to the food diary, i have a dairy allergy and I haven't had dairy now for 10 months. If I eat I bloat if i dont eat i still bloat.

I know the pill doesn't help with PCOS but it's supposed to stop you from ovulating which always caused me very severe pain which is why I was put on the pill and this worked for over 3 years but as I say from august I have ovulated every month which i dont understand as i take my POP every night at the same time. Its the extremely heavy periods that are bothering me. I'm just not sure if this is caused by my PCOS or a sign that something more serious is going on, and having the immovable bloating doesn't help this feeling

Am I best to have my hormone profile done before I ask for a referral to a specialist? Would there be any point in asking for another transvaginal scan?

Cut out white or refined foods such as bread rice and pasta. Swap to wholemeal and lower your carbs and sugar intake. Pcos actually affects your insulin levels which is why some women with pcos put on alot of weight like me. And some foods like I mentioned can irritate you digestive system causing bloating and gas constipation and diarrhea it's like having a worse version of IBS.

Also I've been tried on numerous contraceptive pills and the implant and none have helped and sometimes made things worse I've come of them and just letting my body do its thing. I have heavy periods and painful ones. If you haven't already try norethistorone and mefanamic acid. Might not be spelt correctly but my mum found them to help. Norethistorone helps lighten the bleeds and mefanamic acid was designed to help with period pain. I don't find them helpful don't do anything for me but know a few people they've helped

Diet is a really good way or reducing some symptoms so try a no wheat low carbs high protein diet and swap to wholemeal foods. Should help too

Try looking at the ketone diet it's what I'm on and finding it helps

Charlotte1213, was your last transvaginal scan in 2012? That's a long time ago and I would ask for another one. The very heavy bleeding is worrying. I don't want to scare you, but women with PCOS are at greater risk for endometrial cancer, and this cancer needs to be ruled out in your case. I was diagnosed with this cancer at the end of November, though I am only 37. One of my symptoms was extremely heavy menstrual bleeding.

Should I ask for this even though my GP wants another hormone profile? Or wait until I have the hormone profile first.

I'm worried that it is something more serious than PCOS as I have had severe bloating as well for 9/10 months now and nothing seems to help it.

You certainly should! I started having non-menstrual vaginal bleeding 3 years ago. At that time I went to see a doctor who wanted only a hormone profile and told me that the bleeding was probably caused by PCOS. He told me that someone as young as me was extremely unlikely to develop endometrial cancer - as I found out 3 years later, he was wrong. Maybe at that time it was possible to prevent the cancer...

Please explain to the GP that you are worried about endometrial cancer and that you know that there are women who get it in their 30s. The bleeding can also be caused by a benign polyp which can be removed. If the GP does not want to listen to you, unfortunately you have to find another doctor. Let me just add that if the cancer is caught very early, it's even possible to avoid a hysterectomy (I have only hormonal treatment). Of course I hope very much that it's not something really worrying in your case!

Hi I have terrible pelvic pain abdo pain for last 9 months been gp constantly decided to go private as really considered not having full periods short periods with really Dark blood lasting 1-2 days every 4-6 weeks Pain is constant nothing gets rid of pain.

I’m now having abdo ct and TVs ultrasound to rule out endomenttial cancer.

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