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Wound update again 😱

Hello everyone,

Well it's been a few days since using the gel dressing. My partner cleaned & redressed it this morning & he retched with the smell.. The drainage Is a much darker shade of green.. 🤢 So I don't know what the hell is going on! I GIVE UP!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow & I'm seeing the nurse. Haven't had results from the biopsies yet but as soon as I do I'll be able to let you all know.

it's the 2nd hole that is causing me the worst pain. & the area below the ulcer/lesion/whatever it is now hurts quite a lot, defiantly moved around the calf too.

Answers tomorrow hopefully !

Otherwise I will cut it off !

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Have you tried Manuka Honey Medical Dressings ? It may be worth asking the GP.

Good Luck


Have to say - I wish you were seeing the doctor today!


I am on my way there now ! Ha


I think the doctors need to get a grip on your leg, so to speak. Hope things went well today.


Hey Charlie

Wish I had something positive to say but haven't so I'll keep it short.

Waited over an hour for my app. Doc "forgot" I was there even though I signed in on the computer screen.

Shitty attitude as soon as I walked in through her door a tut or 2 when i mentioned my leg. She didn't look at it, will not give me anymore antibiotics. Left the office feeling like I could run in front of a bus.. sat in the waiting room for my nurse app, was there yet another 35 mins was already signed in went up to reception 3 times, was told to sit back in my seat. & wait by 35 mins later I asked if I was gunna be seen & they said no.. with that I asked for a complain form went home & went to bed. Been emotional ever since..


Im sorry to hear that you got treated like that. Sounds like it was completely uncalled for. I dont blame you for wanting to make a complaint. Once you get a chronic illness it can be a bit like you are no longer a priority and instead they focus on people who can be cured. Better for thir stats maybe. Or maybe Im being too cynical.

I would say, and Im not a doctor and dont even have a first aid certificate, but the wound looks a little bit better to me than in the last pic. I know some ppl use aloe vera for wounds but Ive no idea if its safe.

I guess it will be worth it in the end, as teh biposy should give a good idea of what is going on or not going. And it was a brave thing to go through imo. But I can say for sure that I wont be pushing my consultant for a punch biopsy for the time being.

Take care.