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Latest Update on the HU Upgrade

Hi Everyone,

Here's some news and a list of the current priorities the HealthUnlocked developers have regarding the recent upgrade :

Internet Explorer (8 & 9) should now be working. Please feedback any problems via the HU support page.

Email notifications are being tested and restarted. HU will roll them out from the beginning of next week.

Changes and fixes currently in progress :

- Admins will be able to edit comments

- The jump in member numbers (due to people who joined but never actually completed their membership) will be corrected

- Admins will be able to adjust their email preferences

- Comments will now be ordered from old to new (like before)

Other short term priorities :

- Advanced moderation capabilities for admins

- Users will be able to search within the community (as well as across the platform)

- Tags will be amended to work in the best way possible

- The activity feeds and profile newsfeeds will be improved

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Hi Richard,

Not sure whether anyone else has experienced this but I am not able to upload a new profile picture. The old one turned monotone during the change over. Every time I try to upload a photo it fails to complete. The file size is only 325 kB, so it shouldn't be a size limit issue.


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I can't upload a photo either. Ho hum...


Hi Chris,

I had a similar problem trying to add an image to this post...

All I can suggest is to drop a note to the HU support folk so that they can add it to their list of fixes :





thanks for the update Richard :)


Yep, same experience here too Chris. Good news that some progress has been made, a shame the implementation of these changes was such a disaster. I hope they give our admins the ability to test future changes well in advance of them being implemented.


Sorry, it's not been a great success has it Martyn. But I imagine HU will have learnt a lot from the past week or so and will be better prepared for future changes.


Yes, I do so hope. Personally, I'm patient and experienced enough to work around this. I've been in the industry too many years. But I was worried about those who were less IT skilled who may have had medical problems. Running a support site for people with acute and severe illnesses is quite a responsibility and for many I guess this site is like a virtual crutch at times.


Got my first email notification today of a question posted. Hoorah!!


So did I :-)


I uploaded a photo but it is upside down :-(


I'm exasperated that I seem to have to keep logging in. It doesn't hold my logins over several days. I am using Firefox 22.0 on my Mac.

Also not getting any email notifications yet (and I'm a volunteer helper for the charity).

And my profile picture - like others - was corrupted. I was, fortunately, able to fix that with an upload.


Hi Viv,

Sorry you're still having problems.

Logins still seem to be a problem for a few people but email notifications should start coming through soon. I'm getting mine now and I know other admins are too.

All I can suggest is that you drop an email to the HU support people here :


Hopefulyy they'll be able to help.


Thanks. Have just contacted them.

I'm thoroughly discouraged from using the site at the moment, which is not good. Really hoping my keeping having to login problems and lack of email notifications can be fixed.


Viv, I'm using a mac....but Safari, not Firefox. My access cleared when I went into the settings and cleared out all my cookies and history. It might be worth trying? I'm even getting emails, and my log in seems to have stabilised. B


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