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Test results got the vit D now but not ft3 as lab won't do more thyroid tests <4 wks apart!

On my last test results 3 weeks ago 25/2 my tsh and t4 were 'normal' we all know what that means! To repeat they were:

Tsh 3.84 mu/L range 0.35-5.50

Free T4 13.6pmol/L range 10.3-22.7

B12 324ng/L range 211-911

Glucose 4.5mmol/L range 3.3-5.5

Cholesterol 3.9mmol/L range 1.3-5.2

serum iron is 29 umol/l which is near top of range 7-32

Folate(folic acid) is 5.60 ug/L range 2-11.5

Corrected clacium 1st test 2.12mmol/L repeat test 2.23mmol/L range 2-2.6

I have been diagnosed hypothyroid for 21 years. Current dose has been 125mcg thyroxine for last 6 years. Feeling progressively more awful over last 6 months (won't list all symptoms as long enough q already) and had to change to this gp to get some answers. So I asked him last week to test Vit d ft3 and antibodies. So i went for bloods on Monday and have an appointment tomorrow but when i rang doctors only the Vitamin D result had come back because the lab will not do repeat blood tests for thyroid function less than 4 weeks apart even tho t3 and tpo not tested previously.

Exerpt from hosp lab on blood tests:

Repeat testing

Some tests cannot be ordered too frequently eg daily LFTs (with a few specific exceptions) and these will be automatically blocked by the computer system. Repeat testing intervals for common tests are as follows:

Thyroid Function four weeks

So my Vit D result is 60 nmol/l (75-200)

I sent a letter and Dr Toft pulse article to my gp on Monday but I was expecting him to have my ft3 and antibodies test too :(

So now should I ask for the tests to be repeated next week which is now 4 weeks before action or should I ask for an increase in Thyroxine and a test to see my Ft3 and tpo with tsh t4 in another 4 weeks when dose has had an effect. I don't want to be undecisive at my appointment tomorrow.



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Your TSH is quite high for someone on thyroxine. You would likely benefit from an increase in dose as per Dr Toft's book (TSH below 1 or even suppressed). In the US they often treat once TSH gets above 3.0.

Your B12 could be higher so you might want to supplement. Your vitamin D is also too low so it would definitely be worth supplementing unless you're planning on a holiday in the sun sometime soon!

Sorry I couldn't be more help.


Thanks, I have ordered some b12 from amazon. Going to ask Dr about vitamin D. I think I should ask him to up my T4 then have more tests in a month because I think if I say i'll go again next week for a T3 test that'll be another week without a dose increase! At least then at the next blood test i will see how the t3 is with the new dose just a shame i won't have a comparison.



You definitely need to increase your meds as your TSH is too high. The ideal is below 1 or suppressed if it makes you well. Doctors should not keep hypo patients undertreated but they think it is right to keep you 'within range'. It rarely lets people recover.

Dr should supplement with Vit D3.


Hi You definitely need a Free T3 test as if you are taking T3 on a script with the Levo, it should help all you symptoms but it especially helps weight ? and lowers the tSH.Actually I would be inclined to wait for the FreeT3 test myself, then push for that also.Regarding the low vit D ( hormonal) the GP should prescribe it on that results, which is better because of the retests. You need calcium tested for the corrected calcium result first as vit D makes the calcium go up and it must always be in range. ideally vit D is given gradually and increased 3 mothly according to calcium and vit D retests. Whatever the vit D is ( mine is extremely low) it is dangerous to take it, or continue with if calcium is above range.

Best wishes,



I really hope he has read the article and letter that i left for him on Monday and knows what he's going to do. I can't believe that the lab just won't do them if it's under 4 weeks even tho there were different ones listed in other. I need to ask him for a prescription so maybe i can get him to up the dose and repeat the t3 test and decide about that next week. My corrected calcium is low in the range. Thanks

Sue x


Hi My Lab always did them originally, that was how I was diagnosed, long ago. However, now it is all costs. My endo and I think it is essential which is why I always use Blue Horizon.

Best wishes,



Turns out that the lab refused to do t3 and tpo antibodies as tsh in range so not clinically necessary! Nothing the gp can do in this case.


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