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First Labs, Any Suggestions?

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I just did a blood test, and my TSH is right near upper end of range, but my other hormones seems in range, any idea whats happening? Please note, I was testing for testosterone when I came across this

TSH- 4.11 [ 0.27-4.2 ] N

FT3- 6.3 [ 3.1-6.8 ] N

Free Thyroxine-17.5 [ 12.0-22.0 ] N

Total T4- 134 [ 59-154 ] N

Thyroglobulin Antibody- 13.4 [ 0-115] N

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies- 10.5 [ 0-34] N

Vit D- 117 [ 50-200] N

Vit B-12(Active)- 57.6 [ 25.1-165.0 ] N

IRON- 10.1 [ 10.6-28.3 ] L

Transferrin Saturation- 18 [ 20-55 ] L

Ferritin- 75 [ 30-400 ] N

TIBC - 56 [41-77 ] N

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how are you feeling? if you feel ok nothing to worry about.. what are your symptoms.? your Vit D is very good, mine was 37 on my first test.. your transferrin saturation is low and your iron is low are you a vegetarian?

Symptoms - Dry Skin All Over, Constipation, Fatigue around 1pm, muscle weakness, Maybe I shall check for adrenal fatigue...

Not a vegetarian No, drink a lot of milk in protein shakes, eat a lot of crisp, chicken everyday

I would say your TSH is much too high. It may be 'in range' - just - but it is too high for most people to feel well. B12, ferretin and iron are too low. Are you on thyroid hormone replacement?

Make sure those protein shakes don't contain soya!

Hugs, Grey

Nope, No Thyroid Replacement. I always thought if TSH was high, then t3 or t4 would be out of range, but they seem in range but yeah my symptoms are constant with adrenal/thyroid problems. Would my TSH improve much if I fixed iron/b12?

right then... get yourself a list of all the thyroid symptoms and tick off the ones you have... get a digital thermometer and take your temp every morning as soon as you wake up (before ANYTHING) for a week or two.. if it's persistently 97 or lower you are surely hypo and have evidence for the Doc.... Your ability to use your available thryoxine can be affected by your other indicators you do need all vit D, Bvits, Iron working nicely to be feeling well and lots of symptoms are common to both thyroid issues and vitamin or Iron defficiencies so it's hard to say if that would sort you out or not..

Get yourself a full list of symptoms of D defficiency B12 defficiency, Iron deficiency and Hypothryoidism and tick off what you've got

I did think my dead by 2pm was all thyroid but it did get better when I a) got my vitamin D up to 100 (it was 37) and b) went on a low GI diet which stopped me lurching from one glycemic high to the next with nasty dips in the middle..

Good luck

My Vit D is already good no? Should I keep supplementing with it? Been supplementing 5000iu for like a year now, daily

What was your actual fT4 result - I can't see it there? I believe that if your thyroid is failing, then fT3 can look high due to preferential conversion of T4 to T3...

What time of day did you have your tests done? TSH is highest in the early hours of the morning and then falls all day, rising again late evening. It is usually best to have your bloods done as the surgery opens, as TSH is likely to be higher then, resulting in a quicker diagnosis. Also have you had your thyroid antibodies tested?

I think with those results though that you are very likely to be hypo. xx

Hi Clare,

Free Thyroxine- 17.5 [ 12.0-22.0 ] N ( That is free T4? )

Thyroglobulin Antibody- 13.4 [ 0-115] N

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies- 10.5 [ 0-34] N (Thyroid antibodies?

I had my tests done at 9.20am, 2 hours 20 minutes after waking!

would it be worth testing my adrenals?

got my prolactin tested

343 [ 86-324 ] H

any idea why this has happened? any correlation between high tsh?

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