T3 very high

Serum free triiodothyronine level (XaERq) above range T3 7.66pmol/L (3.6-6.5) serum free T4 level 14.4 pmool/L ( 9.0-19.1 ) serum TSH level below range 0.01mU/L ( 0.35-4.94) 30 June 2015 .,1 September 2015 : free T3 8.63 pmool/L ( 3.1. -6.8) T4 16.2pmol/L ( 12.0-22.0) TSH 0.01 mul/L (0.27-4.2 ) 13 January 2016 : serum free T3 level above range 9.30 pmool/L (3.1-6.8)T4 14.2pmol/L (12.0-22.0) 15 March 2016 : T3 11.86pmol/L ( 3.1-6.8) T4 19.3 (12.0-22.0)TSH 0.01(0.27-4.2) t3 going up any idea why ? Please help me ? Doctor ignored me

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  • Why doctor doesn't show us blood test results ? Poorly treated :( :( lack of communication with doctors .

  • Urgent advice needed please blood test readings advice very high T3 ....

  • Welcome to the forum, Bora72.

    What thyroid medication do you take?

  • Propylthiouracil 50 mg tablets .150 mg in the morning 150 mg in the evening. l was diagnosed hyperthyroidism 2008 8 years I have taken these tablets :( :(

  • Bora72,

    You've been under medicated since 2015. I suggest you contact your GP as soon as possible to arrange an up to date TSH, FT4 and FT3 test and urgent referral to endocrinology.

  • My GP said I'm overmedicated .8 years high dose propylthiouracil .my thyroid levels going up and down .he said l need emergency rai treatment .

  • He said taken antithyroid medication 8 years very dangerous ...

  • Bora72,

    It's your GP who is dangerous to you by failing to increase your PTU dose despite rising FT3 and FT4.

    Carbimazole can be taken for years, decades even but I'm not sure PTU can be prescribed so long because it can raise liver enzymes. I hope your GP has been monitoring your liver function levels while you've been taking PTU.

    If you are in the UK you should be under the care of an endocrinologist not a GP for hyperthyroidism.

  • I know thanks for help thyroid specialist didn't say anything no information lack of communication

  • Bora72,

    You need to get on top of this and make sure your GP or specialist increase your PTU dose to bring FT3 <6.8. If they are not taking notice take your results to another GP or go to A&E with them but don't ignore it.

    When thyroid levels are stable you can then discuss whether to remain on PTU or have radioactive iodine (RAI) ablatement to destroy your thyroid gland.

    High FT3 over a long time significantly increases your risks of developing atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis.

  • Thank you

  • Bora72,

    You can ignore all of that because the results you gave to SusieSeaside show you are now adequately medicated. It would have been helpful if you had posted your recent results as well as your historical results.

  • ok I'm sorry l understand

  • Liver function tests : serum total protein level : 74g/L ( 60.0-80.0) 13 January 2016 .

    Serum albumin level : 42g/L ( 35.0-50.0)

    Serum globulin level : 32( 20.0-34.0)

    Serum alanine aminotransferase level :38U/L ( <41.0)

    Serum alkaline phosphatase level 90U/L ( 30.0-130.0)

    Serum bilirubin level : 13 urology/L ( <21.0)

    15 March 2016 liver function tests : serum total protein level 73gL ( 60.0-80.0)

    Serum globulin level -30( 20.0-34.0)

    Serum alanine aminotransferase level above range 41U/L ( < 41.0)

    Serum bilirubin level 19 umol/L ( <21.0)

    Serum inorganic phosphate level below range : 0.79 mmol /L ( 0.8-1.5 )

    "...................19 August liver function tests : serum inorganic phosphate level 1.06mmol/L ( 0.8-1.5 )

    Serum total protein level : 69(60.0-80.0)

    Serum globulin level : 31(20.0-34.0)

    Serum alanine aminotransferase 35 ( <41.0)

    Serum bilirubin level 14 umol/L ( <21.0)

  • Bora72,

    Alanine aminotransferase was elevated but is within range now and everything else is within range too.

  • Ok thanks 😄

  • Bora72 The way you have typed your results is very confusing. I've copied, pasted and tidied up to make more sense of them.

    Are these correct?

    30 June 2015 .,

    FT3:7.66pmol/L (3.6-6.5)

    FT4:14.4 pmool/L ( 9.0-19.1 )

    TSH: 0.01mU/L ( 0.35-4.94)

    1 September 2015 :

    FT3 8.63 pmool/L ( 3.1. -6.8)

    FT4 16.2pmol/L ( 12.0-22.0)

    TSH 0.01 mul/L (0.27-4.2 )

    13 January 2016 :

    FT3:9.30 pmool/L (3.1-6.8)

    FT4 14.2pmol/L (12.0-22.0)

    15 March 2016 :

    FT3 11.86pmol/L ( 3.1-6.8)

    FT4 19.3 (12.0-22.0)

    TSH 0.01(0.27-4.2)

    What are your latest results? Your most recent seems to be 12 months old.

    And as Clutter has said, what thyroid medication do you take?

  • Yes correct

  • So, what medication are you on, if any? And do you have any recent results?

  • The reason I've put this blood test result is because I didn't feel very well and the Dr did not say anything. I am trying to find out how dangerous a high T3 is. Until2015 I did not feel any side effects and early 2016 my hand started shaking. It started with numbness in both hands. I am worried because it is still shaking. I do not know if this is thyroid related or something else. My GP did not check my blood test properly and warn me that it was high. A lack of communication.

  • Are you on any thyroid medication?

  • Propylthiouracil 50 mg tablets ...

  • Thank you

  • I'm from Lincolnshire .....

  • Yours results look like hyperthyroidism. Unless you are already on T4/T3 treatment in which case you are overdosed.

  • Yes thank you

  • serum ferritin level 14 December 2016 :120.3ug/L (30.0-400.0) Serum folate level : 13.6 ( 3.6-18.7 )

    Serum vitamin B12 level : 575ng/L ( 197.0-771.0)

    Serum LH level : above range 12.6 lU/L ( 1.7-8.6 ) outside reference range

    Serum testosterone level : 16.8nmol/L (11.4-27.9)

    Haematocrit below range : 0.390( 0.41 -0.51 ) outside reference range

    Mean cell haemoglobin level above range :33.6 pg ( 27.5 -32.5 ) outside reference range .

    Mean cell haemoglobin concentration above range 369g/L ( 309.0-348.0)

  • My latest thyroid function test : 14 December 2016 T 3 4 .99pmol/L ( 3.1-6.8 )

    T4 13.6 pmol/L ( 11.0-23.0)

    Serum TSH level : 0.30 mU/L ( 0.27-4.5 ) .....

  • These results negate everything that's been said in my previous reply as they are not now indicating hyperthyroidism. I will delete my reply because it isnt at all relevant to your latest results. If you had given these most recent results when asked further back in the messages, the reply would have been different.

  • Ok l understand I'm trying to find why my hands suddenly start shaking !!!!! because hand tremor start February 2016 that time my thyroid levels going up quickly and l didn't know anything my GP and my thyroid specialist didn't warn me !!!they didn't show me blood tests result .

  • Bora72,

    Why didn't you provide these results earlier? These are all in range so you are optimally medicated on your current dose now athough you were previously under medicated.

  • I'm trying to find out how dangerous a high T3 is my hand started shaking February 2016 suddenly happen I was shocked !!! I am worried because it is still shaking ....

  • Bora72,

    As I said above you should not have been left with high and rising FT3 for 2 years because it increases the risks of developing atrial fibrillation and osteporosis.

    I would have expected the tremors to subside as your FT3 has been within range since December. Maybe worth asking your GP to investigate if there hasn't been any improvement.

  • Thank you so much

  • I'm worried about hand tremors because Parkinson disease !! 7 years everything was OK !! GP and thyroid specialist said don't worry ....

  • Bora72,

    If you've no confidence in your GP then see another GP at your practice. It probably isn't Parkinson's but you shouldn't put off investigating it because there is no cure for Parkinson's but treatment will manage the symptoms.

  • Thank you ....

  • I made big mistake l shouldn't wait 8 years l shouldn't take antithyroid medication 8 years !! I didn't know overactive thyroid serious illness !!! It was lack of communication with GP and thyroid specialist l didn't feel any side effects untill December 2015 ....I went to A&E l wait there 4 hours doctor said nothing wrong with you go home unbelieveable

  • Bora72,

    Your doctors should have told you that hyperthyroidism can be serious if not properly monitored. It's fine to take anti-thyroid drugs for 8 years as long as you are adequately dosed which you are now.

  • Thank you ! you make me feel better 😄 You are very kind thank you so much for everything

  • Bora72,

    Have you had B12 checked? I believe tremors can be a sign of low B12. b12deficiency.info/signs-an...

  • I will ask my GP tomorrow .l haven't got latest blood test result (2017)

  • 15 March 2016 : B12 level : 575 ng/L ( 197.0-771.0)

  • Bora72,

    That was okay a year ago but it is probably worth retesting a year later.

  • Number one side effects graves disease for me it was low libido 2014 : testosterone level : 23.7 ( normal level ( 9.3 -34.5 ) 2017 : 15 .8 nmol/L ....,and reduced muscle bulk and strength and hot flushes ,sweats ....

  • Is it true Graves' disease lower dopamine levels ?

  • l have no choice now only option RAI treatment ........

  • Bora72,

    You don't have to agree to RAI. If you refuse it they will have to continue prescribing PTU or Carbimazole.

  • I understand but l dont feel very well :( :( l can't fight anymore ! My opinion overactive thyroid very dangerous illness .mentally make you sick and crazy ! Low mood ,stress ,depression ,low libido ,fatigue ,hand tremor ,heat intolerance ,shortness of breath and l think most dangerous symptoms lower dopamine level ! It's like a silent killer because you don't know what's going on your body and brain ! if l knew my blood test results for the past 8 years l would have done the treatment earlier .....

  • Imbalance neurotransmitters ! Thyroid hormone plays a role in the release of neurotransmitters ! Serotonin ,gaba ,dopamine ,acetylcholine .GP and thyroid specialist never say anything ....it's scary you don't know what's going on your body .unbelieveable ....

  • i remember now My GP and thyroid specialist after 2016 August blood test result they reduce my thyroid tablets! now three to be taken in the morning ....2016 August >>>>>>2017 12 April .

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