Which thyroid hormone is best for us?

I thought I would post this as I feel it might be significant - or not.

This was posted on the STTM FB forum yesterday.


The part I find interesting is this and I wonder just how significant it is as we're always being told that if NDT isn't working it could be our Iron or Cortisol, well maybe that's not all.


If your thyroid problem is auto-immune, do not use glandular (animal tissue) products to treat the disease, but ask your doctor to find an appropriate synthetic thyroid replacement (like Synthroid, synthetic T4, plus Cytomel, synthetic T3. The combination usually works better, and requires lower dosing, than Synthroid alone). If your low thyroid problem is not auto-immune, then I like Armour Thyroid for my patients.'

So this Dr is stating that if you have hashi's you shouldn't use NDT (have I read that right?)

Anyway I have emailed her and am awaiting a response


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You might want to copy this and put it in the blogs section as it could be missed by some who will find this interesting in the questions section. Only a suggestion.

Very good article - thanks for posting. It will be interesting to hear what your Dr has to say about it.

Moggie x

Ok will do thanks Moggie, I hope I hear from her and if I do I will post it.

Please do as it would be interesting to get her opinions.

Moggie x

Well doing a blog certainly got the desired effect didn't it Dannia.lol. Great discussions going on and very interesting.

Moggie x

:) Yep it did, I wish she would respond, but I have to concur with everyone else, she's probably like most Dr's and has made a generalised statement.

The poll should be interesting though I think.


That is Sooo interesting. Synthetic T3, that's a new one for me. Shame about the type errors on the page, Dannia, perhaps you could mention this if you get a reply as it would be useful to have it corrected for people who want to print it off.

I was on Synthroid for six years following an auto immune attack that destroyed my thyroid gland and suffered very, very stiff muscles. I put much effort in finding someone to prescribe Armour which was a big improvement in all way although I still find it difficult to twist my torso. Now, as more people are on T3 only, I'm considering that T4 is the culprit in replacement of thyroid. It would be lovely if they could come to a real conclusion regarding the proper medication.

The statement in your link that fluoride has caused much disease.....since fluoride does displace iodine in the receptors, this could very well be true.

Well, I have Hashimoto's. I was put on synthetic T4 by my doctor and I got worse over a few months so I decided to do some research for myself. I also went to see Dr Peatfield. I started using Armour and supporting my adrenals with Nutri Adrenal, taking B vits and multivits etc. I did a hormone/cortisol saliva test and began using progesterone cream. I started feeling much better and lost a lot of the weight I'd put on because of the thyroid problem. Things went rather pear shaped a couple of years ago (partly because of a very stressful home situation) and the weight went up and up, although I had no appetite and wasn't eating much. I was dreadfully depressed, tired all the time etc etc. A few months ago I discovered 5HTP and built the dose up over a few weeks to the 'standard' dose of 300mg. I felt the difference even after taking the first dose. The depression has gone; 5HTP is a natural substance and safe if taken as directed - I wouldn't be without it!

I also went to see Dr Avery at The Natural Practice in Winchester as I was desperate to get some help. He put me on a four month treatment regime which is mostly about getting rid of systemic candida. The diet is quite restrictive, but I have lost over 2 stones in weight and I feel so much better! Dr Avery is very nice, and this treatment certainly worked for me - I haven't felt so well in years! As I had great difficulty in obtaining Armour I am now on Erfa which Dr Avery has prescribed for me and which I buy from The Natural Practice pharmacy.

So, in my personal experience synthetic T4 made me feel worse, but natural thyroid products, plus proper support for the adrenals etc, and getting rid of systemic candida has made me feel really well!

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