Not Eligle For The Flu Vaccine Hashimoto Thyroid Not On The List

Hi Everyone

I enquired about having the flu vaccination on the NHS it says on the list Immune Problems, I explained that I have Hashimoto Auto Immune Thyroid Disease , but guess what I'm ineligible the Dr and the Nurse have said I don't qualify !!! Why when you have this disease for life and you receive an exemption for your prescriptions how can they say it doesn't fit the criteria?

We should not have to pay for a vaccine to keep us safe from Flu !!!😡

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If, indeed, it does keep you safe from flu. And that is debatable! Plenty of debates on the subject, on here, if you want to read them. :)

Must depend on area and surgery as I always get mine free.

“Free” our family love the saying “you don’t get ought for ought” did they give you the patient information leaflet? The one that is in the box with the vaccination ? If not you have not received informed consent.

Are you replying to me chippysue ? If so I don't understand what you are on about.

yes, sorry I was. I was trying to say that nothing is FREE in life.

Many of us cannot get the thyroid medication that we NEED but we can get plenty of medication and flu jabs (the ones where the GP is incentivised)

Just curious to know whether you were given the patient information leaflet for your flu jab?

I cant see the connection with what meds you can and can't get free has to do with the flu jab, they are separate issues. I don't care if my GP gets paid when I accept the flu vac, I'm doing what I can to protect myself and I would happily pay for it if needs be. to answer your final question no I've not been given the pil and wouldn't expect it, I can look any info up should I need to.


Hashimoto's doesn't increase your risk of respiratory illness if you catch flu. The prescription exemptions are because Hypothyroidism, not Hashimoto's, can cause additional illness.

I agree with Greygoose, it's very doubtful that the strains of flu about this year are even included in the vaccine, they can only guess. Read the Related Posts - on the right or below, depending on your device.

I have Hashimotos and have never had the Flu vaccine .....

Earlier discussion in the link above - featuring greygoose :-)

I have heart failure and have never been offered a flu jab. Not that I would have it if I was!

Over a certain age you are offered and the doc gets a payment if you have the jab. Even though last years did not protect ocer .65's.

Treepie GPs receive £9.80 per injection.

A Tesco Pharmacist informed me that this payment has increased to £15.80 which is why they are so keen to push them!

Wow, another nice little earner then!

Chippysue any idea how I could find out how much a practice receives when one of their patients is invited for a mammogram and then has it? Thanks!

Good question - ent know whether they are incentivised with mammograms. If they are my gp is not getting a payment for me!

I quite enjoyed my conversation with the nurse I spoke to about why I was opting out !

Chippysue I understand GP surgeries supply the list of eligible patients and presumably will know when a patient has refused.

My cynicism knows no bounds when it comes to the NHS, really angry that they try to push what conditions I could get and yet here am I funding two health conditions that they don't want to know about.

Well done on speaking with a nurse and hope it gave her food for thought.

My thoughts entirely! No point in free prescriptions when we don’t want their toxic drugs either!

I pay for my own ndt, supplements, thermography breast scans, chiropractor - but still have to pay national insurance!

I went down my first rabbit hole when I was first ill and have never come back up, the corruption and lies get darker and deeper!

Agree about corruption and lies, we all need to be on our guard. Friends and family have been shocked at the negligence I've been subjected to.

The final straw is GPs in Pulse claiming that Lyme is fashionable/the new ME/all in our heads. The medical profession do themselves no favours.

Thank goodness for forums like this!

Thankyou for all the comments about the flu vaccine , after reading all these posts I don't think il bother ! I thought having the flu jab would be one less illness to worry about but it seems that it may do more harm than good 😏 Kazbe

It’s one of those things that Big pharma has fooled most people with - biggest money spinner ever and lowers your immune system. Also risk of Guillain Barre which I had - paralysed - awful!

Not necessarily , apparently the flu in Oz and NZ is severe and coming our way. A tricky decision to make.Two years ago my GP noted my refusal, no mention last year.

and the scaremongering tactic for this year is .....

The 1918 pandemic killed millions.

Chippysue have you seen this?


Financial incentives for giving the flu jab to children as well then????

To many adults not taking it up and they have a lot left over so dump them on little children instead????

Jeez, it makes you sick :(

SeasideSusie frightening isn't it. More reading:

No I hadn’t but know that we are following USA. The aim to have mandatory vaccines from fetus to grave world wide is getting closer. Well with Trump we have a chance of stopping it as he is against vaccines but slow doing anything. But Hillary’s aim was to have mandatory vaccines for all.

To see what’s happening send me a friend request on Facebook - letting me know that it’s you.

Most of the country are asleep but more people wake up to the truth everyday.

Chippysue yes I can believe we're following the USA's example, as we so often do. Thanks but don't do Facebook!

I am in touch with so many people in groups on Facebook, I have learnt so much of what is really happening in the world and don’t trust one word of the media!

But you believe what is said on Facebook? Lol

Facebook is one of the places where people are joining to discuss, Facebook actuall censor too much so other ways have now been found.

I believe the experts who have studied vaccines for many years. I was shocked with what I learned too!

Just this week there are two major things that have happened in the vaccine world - scientists have uncovered things, the truth will be out soon and many more apologies will be made.

I have have never had the flu jab I was never sure it was a good thing

I have a close friend who has had thyroid problems from her teens she had a flu jab some 10 yrs ago and was very ill with it well that was what she blamed it on. She has Hashimotes ,

2015 she had an awful winter had a really bad winter cold etc and chest infection ,last year she decided to have the flu injection and her g/p gave it to her from November to March she only left the house when someone could drive her and that was to go to the G/P lots of antibiotics poor love really did suffer she will never have it again

Having said all that, was it the jab or would she have been ill anyway ? One can just not really prove theses bouts are about something you have done differently and most G/P just dismiss you if you say I think this or that made me worse

I have bad reactions to a lot of medication , G/P just say no it's not the medication, only one person has ever made the connect I had a very bad reaction coming out of surgery the anaesthetist said is because of your under active thyroid

Again why will they not except that some people do react to a number of so called wonder drugs they may very well help 1000 but not all, we are all different one size does not fit all and it would help so much if they would just believe you

Hi Marwari

I totally agree one size does not fit all I am very sensitive to all sorts of drugs so being refused the vaccine was probably a blessing in disguise 😀 I will increase my Vit C intake and make sure all my Vits and minerals are optimum during the winter months 🤞I manage to escape it !!! Keep well Kazbe 😀

If you choose to have it most pharmacies offer the flu vaccine for just £10. However I can’t understand why you wouldn’t be eligible.

However personally I wouldn’t have it unless you have issues with your lungs / breathing.

I need the egg free flu vaccine and it’s been a battle with my surgery for this but finally they have it in writing from my consultant - and guess what they’ve still done nothing about it! Hence I’m on their case today.

I’m on immune suppressants and have issues with my lungs so I feel I have to have the flu and pneumonia vaccines.

But if you want to avoid a fight when you already don’t feel well I’d just go and pay for it.

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