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Very confused and feeling ill... any support welcomed!


Am new here and have been feeling really unwell for the past 5 months, but probably on the decline over a few years. Please bear with my story if you can...

I am 36 and have no family history of early menopause, but do have a history of hypothyroid in my family. I have been to 2 gps who are not interested in my thyroid levels since tests came back 'normal' and have focussed instead on my menstual cycle but can also find 'nothing wrong' on the few tests done and so i am now only being offered the pill or novasure. I really don't think they have listened properly. I would be interested to see what anyone else has to say. Personally i think my symptoms fit with low progesterone/hypothyroid. So here's my list:

irregular periods (from anything between 12-32 days), always very heavy and often with large clots (sorry to be graffic), midcycle bleeding/spotting - before a few years ago my cycle was always 26 days, no problems. i am constantly tired, very cold in the day (body temperature is usually 36 degrees or less), have low blood pressure and dizzzy spells, brittle hair, painful breasts at times, night sweats at times, irritable and depressed mood, intermittent headaches, more spots than usual (usually none!), periods of insomnia, poor concentration and memory and body aches, weight gain. For an example I ran a 1/2 marathon in October last year, now i am tired walking up the road, I gained 10 lbs in 2 months (not pigging out honest) and don't lose it even on a severely calorie restricted diet - which wipes me out anyway!

My first tests done were:

ferritin: 18 (10-291)

Full blood count (all normal apparently)

Free t4: 17.3 (9 - 22.7)

TSH: 2.24 (0.35 - 5.5)

Thyroid Peroxidase: <26 (0 -60)

I also had an ultrasound which was all normal and tests on oestrogen, FSH and LH, which were all 'satisfactory'(!). I have seen a naturopath and am waiting for some feedback, tests using kinesiology (don't really understand how that works!) showed imbalances in progesterone, TSH, T3 and nonepinephrine. No idea what that means really.

GP can't explain it, just says 'these things happen', not likely to be early menopause or cancer, so try the pill or an antidepressant and go away.....I have thought about seeing an endocrinologist but it is sooooo expensive and i am anxious of being given the same lines and sent away again.

Thoughts anyone???

With thanks,


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Wow that's a tricky one cause your thyroid tests are within range.

Have you thought about testing your adrenals?



If you can afford it, I would suggest a private consultation.

Your symptoms sound hypo and the problems we encounter if our TSH is 'within normal range

Before the TSH became the diagnosis for thyroid problems, people were prescribed according to their clinical symptoms but that is why we are having so many problems now.

This is a link which is self-explanatory


Hi Josie, yes very familiar symptoms I'm afraid,

- no wonder your stored iron is low (ferritin) with heavy periods (common in HypoT too) - are you supplementing iron for a start? (also Vitamin D, folate and B12 can tend to be low too).

I don't know when you had your tests done - TSH is highest in the morning, the optimal level should be below 1. An elevated TSH means your pituitary is telling your thyroid to produce more hormone. Have a look on the main site for more info - here's getting a diagnosis....

best wishes Jane :D


Thanks all so very, very much for your replies so far. it is so reassuring to have some support rather than feeling dismissed. I am afraid my GP, although trying her best in her way, is at a loss and is unwilling (so far) to refer me to a specailist.

I have been taking iron suppliments (floradix) for well over a year as I have been unable to give blood in the past for this reason. I also regularly take a B vitamin complex and D vitamins. Someone recommended agnus castus too, so i am trying that now as well.

I will keep reading and refer to the links above. If you know of any sypathetic specialists in this area that would be great as I really can't afford to see someone if they are not willing to see the whole picture here. I am just so very exhausted and struggling to keep my life going (with 2 little kids plus a demanding job)..... Thanks again for your views, any further insights gratefully received.



your smptoms do fit low progestorone? you say they test you FSH and LH which are satisfactory, mmm we all no about blood test dont we, we want optimol. Hotness, acne, sweats, facial hair, missed periods, irregulary, spotting, ect sounds arenals to me mixed with hormone imbalance.

but what to do about it, is a different issue, you can order your own saliva test to comfirm low or high adrenals.

private practioner would be you best route as you will find yourself chasing your tale and being told your test are normal, although your smptoms say other.

I also think you can have a saliva test for hormones and i believe it more accurate.


merissa x


You def need to raise your ferritin. Ironically, low ferritin can sometimes cause heavy periods, so it can be a bit of a vicious circle... I also heard that low ferritin can stop the thyroid from functioning well, & it's best to get it over 70, preferably over 90. I had a similar problem & had to take 2 Fersaday tablets a day. Also ate a lot of liver, apricots, red meat & lentils. Managed to get my score up 30 points in 6 weeks. The Floradix prob isn't strong enough to raise levels much, prob better as a maintenance dose?


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