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Latest blood test results

Just picked up my latest results and things seem to be going well. I'm now 7 months after RAI. On 7 Dec:

Tsh was 33.3 and is now 2.47 (range 0.38 to 4.70)

T4 - 17 now 19 (10 to 23)

T3 - 3.5 now 5 (2.80 to 7.10)

Any thoughts? I'm just back at work and although feeling a lot better than I did I'm still very tired. I have an Endo appointment next week and need to be prepared - don't like the guy, so patronising, and trying to change to another one.

Any ideas at which point I get passed back to my GP to deal with?


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Hi Even now your FT3 could be higher,I need mine near the top of range. if still not feeling right ,it could be this or low ViD, if d low then you need a calcium test before treatment as D makes Ca higher and it is dangerous out of range.( corrected calcium only)

You may feel better anyway. it does take quite a while for the thyroid to be stable.

I have learnt from bitter experience to never stay with a consultant as you describe. If your GP referred you OK and the endo is not discharging you, I would ask for a new referral but do all your research first, Look up names from hospitals and then CV on the WEB etc.

Best wishes.



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