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'Well' blood test results

I don't know if anyone would have read my previous post about feeling well a year after my total thyroidectomy but these are my latest blood test results:

Urea and Electrolytes

Urea 3.3 (2.9-7.1)

Sodium 136 (135-146)

Potassium 3.8 (3.5-5.0)

Creatinine 51 (40-90)

Bone profile

Calcium 2.33 (2.15-2.60)

Albumin 43 (35-48)

Phosphate 1.18 (0.8-1.5)

Alk.Phos 44 (30-130)

Adj.Calcium 2.27 (2.15-2.60)

TSH 0.76 (0.35-5.0)

C-Reactive Protein <5 (<5)


Serum B12 541 (130-800)

Serum Folate >25.2 (4-20)

Ferritin 42 (12-250)

Vit D 89 (50-150)

If anyone really wants me to write up the FBC results i will...

The only thing i am unhappy about is the ferritn result, will be thinking of supplementing higher than the 14mg a day i am currently taking.

I have upped my exercise routine and have started to incorporate a bit of weight training which i am really enjoying. I have lost 7lbs in the last 2 months and my trousers are feeling a bit looser :) I am hope to get back to my starting weight at the time of my op by christmas!

Also in September I started doing a BTEC 3 in Mechanical Engineering through work, I get a day release but have to make up 4 hours. I am really enjoying this course but finding it hard to juggle work, college, fitness and overtime! I have come to the decision that the overtime is the least important, and i will have to draw in the purse strings to compensate.

This time last year I could only manage to go to work and a bit of overtime, so i really want to exercise as I feel well enough too :)

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Oh and for some reason this is the first time they have not tested my fT3 of t4!!!


They are good . if you want to take extra iron that is safe, not much else to self medicate is!!My endo prefers the sachets from Holland and Barrat. I now, have to pyu for my FT3 test, TSH, T4 and FT3 ,I have the intermediate test from Blue Horizon, through tUK , bloods, means a discount £ 10, quote TUK 10. They are very well known lab TDL so docs recognise them if you want it to influence your treatment.

Good luck!



Thank you! I'll be heading into holland and barrett tmrw! I think i'll just wait till next year to get retested, im presuming they'll ask me in a years time anyway... :)


wandell It rakes ages for iron to alter so I would allow at least 3 months before another test. I note the time of your e mail. A lot of us do not sleep if thyroid off.The normal thyroid pattern is do sleep a little and then be awake for hours . repeatidly during the night. Before I had treatment I was awake most of the night, when I had my children at home, it was a nightmare. Now, even with my conditions my sleep is effected when my thyroid goes "off".Just a thought!



I was working my part time job behind a bar ;) I dont think my doc would test my iron again as its within range, do you know what quantity of iron i should be taking? :)


The sleep thing is interesting though, at thee beginning of the year i was always waking up at silly o clock, i figured it was thyroid related but i presumed most people had problems with too much sleep!


It is not recognised by most doctor, so I keep quiet with them but hyper keeps you awake if a different way. With hypo you are dogged tired, sleep heavily for a little while ,then are awake a long time. it is well recognised to those of us who are hypo.Regarding iron I would go by what is on the pack. That is meant to be the most digestable, a lot of the others may cause constipation ,also that one ( sachets) is meant to be easily absorbed but it is pricey!If you reply click" Reply to this"It was luck that I found your reply!

Best wishes,



Sorry! I keep forgetting to click on the right one! Thank you for your replies Jackie :)


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