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thyroid blood test results


In January I managed to get my gp to run some blood work as I was suspecting problems with thyroid and other. the blood test was done only for Serum TSH level2.38 mIU/L (0.27 - 4.2). In February I managed to convince other GP to run more test for thyroid, results came as Serum TSH level1.83 mIU/L; Serum free T4 level15 pmol/L (12 - 22); Serum free T3 level4.3 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8). What do you think about these tests' results?

I do have the below symptoms which come under underactive thyroid: dry skin,

feeling cold

, poor memory and concentration, constipation, hair loss, cannot lose weight, heavy menstrual periods , tiredness and irritability.

Thanks for your help

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Some of your symptoms could be low iron or ferritin levels, low vitamin B12 and low folate. Have you had these tested? Your diet could be a cause of some of the symptoms. Have you tried keeping a food diary to find out if anything is causing gut problems?

Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies?


folate and B12 were tested and came normal. Iron came low but I think it is due to heavy periods for a few months

Serum folate8.9 ug/L2.5 - 19.5

Serum vitamin B12502 ng/L180 - 900

Serum ferritin7 ug/L Abnormal result15 - 445

Low ferritin does not explain all problems plus as I am alredy constipated I do not want to take iron tablets :D


It looks like it's low ferritin that is causing your problems. You need to get ferritin to mid-range. If you're in the UK, you might benefit from getting vitamin D levels checked too.

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You do need to fix that ferritin level. Tiredness and hair loss are classic symptoms. Some ferritin is stored in the hair bulb but if our iron levels are low the body will scavenge the ferritin and the hair will then fall out.

We also need good levels of vit d, b12, folate and ferritin for out bodies to properly process and utilise thyroid hormones, whether our own natural production or synthetic. Have a search for SeasideSusie, she gives very good nutrient advice including the best forms to take and what good levels are. GPs tend to say ok or normal a lot, that just means the results are in range somewhere but where in the range makes a huge difference to how we feel - they are not taught about nutrients so have no idea.

Ferritin was my one decent level so i havent needed to supplement it, however vit c aids absorption of iron and helps with the constipation too, 1000mg with each iron tablet is usually recommended for best effect. Its water soluble so you will just excrete what you dont need. Alternatively SeasideSusie recommends liver once a week, if like me you are not a fan, it can be minced up finely and ‘hidden’ in curries, spagbol etc.

Heavy periods can certainly cause your ferritin to drop if they persist.


Magnesium and lots of VitC will help constipation - VitC also aids the absorption of iron. Good levels of Ferritin are needed - along with B12 - Folate and VitD - for you to feel well and for thyroid hormones to work well in the body.

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How much vitamin C do you take in a day as what you get in the diet would not be enough and a good allotment of vitamin C reverses constipation so well that I have not had that problem for over 20 years.

Eating too much cheese can be constipating, but enough vitamin C can overcome that.

Take it in divided doses through the day and just do not take too much that your stools are too loose. You will find the right amount. At the beginning more would be needed and in time a level can be found that suits you. It helps in other ways too as it is a prime antioxidant.

The only kind I recommend is the calcium ascorbate pH neutral version that has enough calcium attached to prevent the usually acidic vitamin C from pulling calcium out of the bones.

You could start with the 1 gram capsules to see how it works and then get the kilo container later as I do which saves a lot of money. I have saved a 2 gram scoop from a different similar product, so I know how much I am taking that way without needing the capsules. But if you are away from home, the capsules are more convenient.


Hi Janina

I buy aa in kilos :D even if I take 6-8 capsules (around 1gr, one every few hours) I can be constipated :(

Of course when I am treating an illness with aa and I take much more capsules then I do not have this issue ;)


I started having heavy periods when my period came back after birth of my child. Ferritin was fine before pregnancy and periods were fine so that is why I think ferritin is low due to heavy periods

Just noticed your previous question.... tsh T3 and t4 were tested nothing else if it comes to thyroid

Thank you for your responses


Thyroid is unlikely to be your problem as results are normal. Advice above about taking vit C with iron tablets is good. Low iron levels can cause heavy periods, hair loss tiredness. magnesium citrate can help with constipation. Eat 5/6 prunes a day will help with bowel function nd may be good for bones.


You actually get heavy periods because of low iron, so it is a vicious circle.


I have had a low iron in the past but I have never had such heavy periods before


Have your progesterone levels checked. And take two tablespoons of unflavored psillium hull fiber every night.


Hi Nimfa,

I had all the symptoms you describe with low ferritin levels. I think my level was at 10. You need to take the iron tablets, they will make a huge difference.

Hope u feel better soon. x


Thank you all for your responses.

I take vit C and magnesium citrate because they help with constipation and vit c helps absorbing iron. I eat linseed every day.


Have your progesterone levels checked.


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