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*** Thai ndt -Scammer Alert ***


Notice I have just been followed by someone calling themselves Thai NDT. Saying they have large stocks!!!

Can I cancel followers? Di

[Edited by admin to raise awareness of this seller who repeatedly signs up, follows members and/or PMs them.

Do not part with any money!]

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Me too. This member has done this before via PM but is now ‘following’. How can we get rid of followers pls?

I bet there will be a lot more of us. X

He is a scammer and has been on this site numerous times and keeps making new profiles. He is also following me ... I was tempted to send him a sweet message telling him to "Bugga off!" Instead I reported his profile.

I’m operating on an iPhone and the app so can’t even find how to report him

Press *Report* at the top of his page.

You can’t do that on the app.

Lora7again in reply to Hylda

Hopefully he will be gone again soon but last time he was here all day. It is good you have brought it to other members attention with this thread.

People must attempt to buy from him to encourage him.

Lora7again in reply to Hylda

I notice that someone is following him already.

Here is his profile so members know who he is.


Scrumbler in reply to Hylda


humanbean in reply to Scrumbler

I think that Thai-ndt is getting customers as a result of his tactics, and that encourages him to continue.

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to humanbean

I hope not, but you might be right.Even if he genuinely does have the pills he's claiming to have, and does actually send them to anyone who pays, it's obvious to those that keep up to date with info on Thai NDT, that the medicine must be surely out of date by now.

Hoping an admin will pick it up. Have reported his profile but that could take hours.







Hylda, this is from the HU help pages:

If you do not want others to be able to follow you on HealthUnlocked, you can visit your account settings and untick the "Allow other users to follow me" box.

Before exiting the page, make sure you select the "Save changes" button.

Please note that you will permanently lose all of your followers by selecting this option.

Catseyes235 in reply to RedApple

I reported when he last ‘followed ‘ me. He has unfortunately rejoined. Reported again. Shame that you can’t block individuals. Not that I have any followers but seems a shame have to lose all to get rid of one scammer.


Please everyone, if you can, report this member. If he PMs you, report it.

You can also go to his profile page and click the Report button.

I have contacted HU and hopefully they will block him. However, HU may not be able to prevent him signing up again.

Scrumbler in reply to RedApple

I have reported to HU vi his profile. He’s been at this for a while. First PMs, then direct messages and now ‘following’.

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Scrumbler

We know. Have pleaded with HU to stop him but I don't know if they actually can or if they even try :x

Scrumbler in reply to RedApple

They’re normally very efficient at getting rid of people 😎

He’s a cheeky chappie. You’d think he’d at least change his name when he rejoins. 😳


Yes already reported at 7am this morning

This is 3rd, 4th or more times has opened as new member


It’s a scammer

I’ve received a message too. How can you tell please? x

No one should be selling on this site. He’s taking advantage of the fact that many got their NDT from Thailand and now it’s not available.

I just reported him too.

A couple of weeks ago i reported someone called Jan-NDT, who had done the same thing. pops up as Following 100's of people, no posts, but profile summary offers to sell NDT with contact details from what looks like a london massage parlour... they were removed very quickly.

I suspect that Jan-NDT and Thai-NDT are the same person.

I don't know enough about the internet to know if HU have any way of identifying the same person if they try and sign up again using a different name.

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to tattybogle

Yes, same person.And HU claim they can't stop the person signing up repeatedly.

tattybogle in reply to RedApple

Guess we should just keep an eye out for; Ann -NDT,

Ben -NDT,





I'm a scamming nuisance-NDT

He will be back unfortunately....



MarsBar12 in reply to tattybogle

I've been followed by a Jan Krongboon, who calls himself Thiroyd. Is this the same person?

Lora7again in reply to MarsBar12

Please report him because he is a scammer. I don't know why he hasn't been removed yet.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Lora7again

Probably because Support at HU are on their Christmas break? Hopefully they'll be back tomorrow and be snowed under with emails reporting this.

tattybogle in reply to MarsBar12

Yes , all the same person(s) .... been doing it for ages with a new user name each time. Just go on to their profile page and hit 'report' , hopefully HU will close account again when they come back to work and have a huge inbox full of reports to deal with .

Several post's running about this attempt to sell Heaven Knows What to anyone daft enough to part with money:



Stop followers in your account.

So first click your avatar then click on profile, you will see follow/following etc. Click on whichever you need to change and that should stop it.

I just stopped following 2 that I hadn’t realised I was, I think it must have originated from my watching posts for more information.

Me too 🙄

Do we know if a user named Thiroyd is the same person? Their profile description looks a bit sketchy..

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to lau99

Yes, same person.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to lau99


Yes it is.

lau99 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thought so, RedApple and SeasideSusie. Have reported accordingly :) Hope you two are having a happy Christmas x

Just reported another new follower, ndt-thai, saying the same thing as thiroyd did and his website goes to Thyroid Paul - One man's life with hypothyroidism, where there are blogs of 'Paul's experiences with Hypo-T, and a page of where to buy NDT.

How can we be sure he is a scammer?? Has anyone actually ordered and not received goods from him?

I only ask as I will be running out of my NDT in a few months and really want to get more before having to go back to Levothyroxine which I don't do well on.


RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Dannia

Dannia, The brands apparently being offered by this seller have either been discontinued or out of production for a long time now. So at the very least this is an absolutely exorbitant price to pay for long out of date medication.

Dannia in reply to RedApple

Totally agree the prices are very high, I would hate to be that desperate, but it's getting close. At some point though, hopefully, these products will come back in stock again so maybe he is anticipating that.

It would really be helpful to know whether anyone has actually been scammed.

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Dannia

Anyone who behaves the way this person is behaving here on the forum, is absolutely not to be trusted in my opinion.

But obviously everyone is entitled to make their own decision. In the end, it's at your own risk if you decide to go ahead with a transaction.

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