new brand of Thai NDT

There is a new Thai brand of NDT. I first read about it on STTM. It's simply called TR, manufactured by TMan Pharma. This is one review I found:

"For me, this is the best NDT there is. I have tried most of the other well known brands, along with thiroyd and thyroid-s and various synthetics. I get the best results by far with tman, complete resolution of hypo symptoms!"

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thecat, $125 for 1,000 tablets is pricey in comparison to other Thai NDT. Tablets are sugar coated which may be a problem for some people.

OK, I was just curious. I read recently that Thyroid-S may be the best one as it contains a slow release substance making the body absorb hormones not from the stomach (like other NDT brands), but from the lower intestine. I have no idea if that is true, though. I have only tried Thiroyd, and it works just fine. The long list of fillers and additives in Thyroid-S makes me hesitate to take it...

Thecat, TMan haven't disclosed the list of fillers in TR and I don't see any listed for Thiroyd on

Sugar coated vs film coated tablets

The ingredient list for Thyroid-S on STTM is questionable. That this new one is reported to be "the same" as Thyroid-S is even more questionable.

It isn't the product I question so much as the lack of openness.

We shouldn't need to ask anyone. The information should be readily available and posted in public.

Yes absolutely 100% agree but unfortunately they don't do to protect the product i guess.

Even the most criticised of the western "big pharma" companies have to list their ingredients. Why should any pharmaceutical company, anywhere, consider themselves and their products as more important than their customers?

hi, i found this list of ingredients on a page where you can buy smaller packages of all three NDT they offer, being Thyroid, Thyroid-S and T-man $25 for 100 tabs

100 Tablets Natural T.R. Thyroid Supplement By T.MAN

Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT)

Each tablet contains: Thyroid Extract 60 mg. (Lactose Free & Gluten Free)

(1 Tablet = 60mg = 1 grain)

(1 Pack contains 100 Tablets)

Each tablet contains: 38 mcg of Levothyroxine (T4) and 9 mcg of Liothyronine (T3)

Indication: Hypothyroidism, thyroid deficiency agent.

Dosage: 30 to 250 mg. (1 tablet = 60mg = 1 grain) daily or as directed by a physician.

Thyroid All Natural Thyroid Supplement from TMAN pharma, 270 TAB sugar-coated tablets in 1 pack.

Batch Number- 9945901

Mfg Date- 01 Sept 2016.

Exp Date- 01 Sept 2020.

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Just recently I went to order and they doubled the price. I had been given a sample and liked it but now it was like $120 or so for only 500 tablets.

May want to try another website. I just looked today and it was $70-$80 for 500 and $120 for 1000.

For a new product, that seems to be rather over-the-top praise. I'd be more impressed if the review said how long s/he had been using it. After all, one of the issues even with the oldest-established products have been questions over long-term consistency and potency.

haha yes I often spot customer reviews which I'll bet my bottom dollar are from seller's mum and best friend :-)

Helvella, marketing sock puppets wouldn't know that ;)

I just don't believe what i read on sttm anymore. I was poisoned by ndt 3x , due to it flaring up my Hashi's. I tried it 3x because sttm pretty much has insisted that you stand no chance of feeling well unless you take ndt. When someone says they got ill on it, they don't respond or don't include that on their website or forum. They are very biased and possibly being paid, to put good reviews of meds on their website.

They will even chuck you off their forum if you disagree with them!

Poisoned? How much have you been using? You need to build up dose slowly week by week, not build up quickly every day! Do some research on how to use it and fine tune your dose wait and see how you feel before taking a higher dose. Have your say on Raypeat forum if you don't like STTM. Natural thyroid supp is different from chemical thyroid. If you have been taking too much too quickly that might explain it.

no..i started on 1/2 a grain, after being on 112 t4 and 10 made me ill, sweaty, swollen , high bp, high blood flared up my autoimmune disease. This can happen with Hashis and ndt. I don't read forums for advise anymore.

Couldn't even make it to 2 90, i had hyper symptoms and flares of above normal labs..then drops to under range then back up again. Someone else on here gained weight on it.

Okay you think because of Hashis in combination with Ndt? You mean hashimoto's right? Where can i find info on Ndt and hashimoto's?

google..ndt making hashimotos worse. Dr. Mark Starr and another Doc don't advise it for hashimotos. My integrative medicine doc too. For some, it just makes us worse..makes sense since our bodies are attacking thyroids.

Hi faith I totally agree about STTM. They have not posted any of my more recent comments because of the same reason. I noticed the other day 2 new people posted problems with the changes to NDT and then all of a sudden there was someone named Cathy M to counteract the complaints as if they are invalid. Yet MY post addressing the problem is NOT there. It is being regulated by big pharma. The person who answers peoples complaints known as Jamie is a shill. She tries to make it seem like NDT hasn't changed and focus on everyone is just diferent. I can tell you I think NDT would have worked for you but they are ALL different now. They ALL look smell and taste different and people are mostly under the impression that the fillers have changed and that is causing the problem but I know in my heart from myself being poisoned on WP AND NEW ERFA that it is the actual thyroid powder that all the companies buy to produce their pills that has changed.

What you describe happening to you happend to me only ATER they changed the powder. Can you please tell me what brand of NDT you tried and what the expiration date on the bottle was? Also when you tried it?  The new is actually making our bodies produce Thyroid antibodies.


i was on Armour in 2011, with those symptoms.  And again in 2012 and 2014 Erfa, the same symptoms.  Meds bought 1 year apart.  

Some people don't do well on these drugs.  I have antibodies for tpo and thyroglobulin, so maybe that is why.   

This makes a lot of sense...I have often wondered how "natural" NDT is is for humans, as it comes from pigs or cows. It does sound good that it will give you "all the hormones your own thyroid would, including T1, T2 and calcitonin", but maybe that is not always such a good idea...?

I always thought that if your antibody levels remain in range (which they always do when I have a suppressed TSH), that meant I was fine on NDT...but now I've read about other symptoms, like high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels, both of which I have (or had, as they are now being treated). But I would never connect those conditions to the use of NDT...very interesting, indeed.

I have even speculated that maybe our immune systems do not recognise NDT as something to be attacked as it's not human thyroid hormone...but I guess that is wishful thinking...?

High blood sugar come from inflammation, where the body is so inflamed it doesn't use our own insulin. I refuse to be treated for anything like that or stains for my crazy high blood fats. There is a natural way out. google mark hyman md..insulin resistance, reversing it and stopping autoimmune disease..this is what i am doing.

I actually just got a sample of this T.R. in with my order of Thiroyd. Since I'm just starting out trying Thiroyd, I'm not ready to try something else, but I guess I will hang onto it in case of emergency. It's got a hard pink coating and looks kind of like a piece of candy.

By the way, I can feel a (positive) difference when taking Thiroyd as compared to Armour. So far, so good.

can you pm where to get it

I will be happy to.

DID the TR have a list of ingredients that are inside.....

Heather - Still happy with Thiroyd? Labs good?

Unfortunately not. It just says,"NDT Analytical Reference Standard T.R. by T. Man Thyroglobulin Diagnostic Reagent, Pure Grade." It actually looks EXACTLY like the package of Thiroyd I got. The package and the label are identical but for some numbers related to lot, manufacture date, etc. The pill itself looks different, of course. It has a hard coating on it. Interesting.

Heather does the inside of the pink pill look like Thiroyd? Do you like it still?

I haven't really tried it yet (the TR). I have been hanging onto it in case of emergency, but I have been using Thyroid-S. I do like it. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

Sorry, I didn't address the Thiroyd question. I didn't use it past the first order I made. I tried the other sample of Thyroid-S (ordered both at the same time in the smallest amount and tried Thiroyd first) and have been using it for a while. I haven't been able to figure out my idea dose, but I definitely feel better and have lost some weight. I'm not crashing in the early afternoon and have more energy. I'm still working on getting back to normal, but I can say that these meds have DEFINITELY made a positive difference for me.

So Thiroyd is a thumbs up then??? Have you noticed any hair loss on it or thyroid swelling or thyroid pain?

Sorry, I don't know how I missed this. Yes, I would give it a thumbs up. I haven't had any of the problems you mentioned, but then those were never an issue for me.

The claim that you should avoid NDT if you have Hashimoto's, does that mean that synthetic T3 is OK, along with T4 meds? Since Hashimoto's is by far the most common cause of hypothyroidism, that would mean that not many people should be on NDT...but NDT is all that is prescribed by the Hertoghe doctors in Belgium, and I bet most of their patients have Hashimoto' Hertoghe's own clinic, they switched from Armour to Erfa after Armour was reformulated, but I have no idea if they still prescribe Erfa after all the problems that have been reported...

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